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2015-17 Walk Zone Project
For the North Clackamas School District Transportation Department, the safety of students coming to school and returning home is our priority. We will have open meetings to discuss the process and criteria used to evaluate the safety in the walk zones. 
Our hope is that the analysis will be completed in 2016-2017 and any changes would be implemented in the 2017-2018 school year. The Walk Zone Project will:
  1. Review and update the walk path safety evaluation process and criteria
  2. Complete the analysis of school district walk zones using the process and criteria
  3. Engage families, the community, and other key stakeholders
  4. Assess and draft recommended revisions to NCSD walk zones including paths in the walk zone, exceptions, and changes.
Please join us! We need your input! 
There are three community engagement meetings scheduled for January 31, February 1, February 2,  2017 to provide families and community members an opportunity to review the Walk Zone Plan Draft and provide input.
Please click on the link below for an outline of the process and meeting schedule. 
Walk Zone Proposal  - Proposed plan subject to community input, advisory committee review, and school board review and approval
Kế Hoạch Bổ Sung Khu Vực Đi Bộ North Clackamas Vietnamese Translation of Proposed Plan
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Last Modified on March 14, 2017