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Welcome to Lewelling Elementary ELD 
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Mrs. Wagner  Lily Wagner, ELD Specialist

Grades: ELD, Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Location: Lewelling Elementary
Phone: (503) 353-5440 ext. 32603


What do we do in ELD?
  • Read small books similar to classroom reading
  • Review and practice new vocabulary
  • Practice grammar goals of the week (language structure)
  • Practice writing (sentences, paragraphs, essays, fluency,  spelling, grammar, and conventions)
  • Practice speaking

How can you support your child at home?

  • Read and speak to your child in your native language - expand their knowledge base in their native language. All native language knowlwdge and connections later transfer into English.
  • Connect with the classroom teacher early in the year - ask about end year goals in: reading, writing, and math. You can help your child get to these goals at home.
  • Make sure your child does his/her homework. Even if your child does not understand everything on the homework, it is a good habit to develop good study skills. maybe you can help with the math section. Maybe an older sibling can help with translating. Maybe you have a neighbor that speaks your language that can help your child with his/her  homework.
  • Ask about what your child learned in school - be curious and interested let them share their new knowledge.


Last Modified on August 25, 2015