Bilingual Immersion Programs                   
In the North Clackamas School District Bilingual Immersion Programs students receive an enriched education in Spanish and English. Our primary goals are for each student to attain challenging academic skills and knowledge, to achieve advanced proficiency in English and Spanish, and to have an understanding and appreciation of cross cultural differences.
  • Achieve dual language proficiency in English and Spanish
  • Develop high-level academic skills aligned to the Common Core State Standards
  • Develop respect and appreciation for other cultures by learning, working and playing in multicultural settings.
  • Improve students' career options with bi-literate and bilingual skills
  • Build parent-school partnership to help ensure success for all students
  • Develop strong thinking and reasoning skills essential in creating a sense of social responsibility and participation in a democratic society 
 Program Goals
Bilingualism:  Development of high levels of proficiency in the student's native language and in a second language.
Bi-literacy:  Perform at or above grade level in academic areas in both languages.
Multiculturalism:  Demonstrate positive cross-cultural attitudes, behaviors, and high levels of self-esteem.