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Follow Your Path

Follow Your Path
From the Happy Valley Business Magazine. 

Follow Your Path: North Clackamas offers unmatched education program options

Award-winning North Clackamas Schools engage, inspire, and empower students to strengthen the quality of life in our local and global communities. Graduates are prepared for the demands of college, career, and life.

Part of the North Clackamas School District is nestled in the reaches of Happy Valley.  The fifth largest district in Oregon, North Clackamas is large enough to offer educational program opportunities, but small enough to have that small-town, friendly atmosphere.   Offering ecologically green facilities and quality, caring staff, North Clackamas offers families an option for a personalized education for their children.   

“We create pathways to success at North Clackamas Schools,” states Superintendent Matt Utterback.

North Clackamas School District is unique in Oregon because students have a distinctive learning experience. The district is home to the largest professional-technical program in Oregon, high-demand bilingual schools, and Clackamas County’s first International Baccalaureate program. The district continues to expand on more than 140 high school electives, 12 Right Brain Initiative Schools, numerous advanced college credit offerings, and magnet school options.

Exciting and varied opportunities for students remain a priority of North Clackamas Schools and the community, all made possible through strategic partnerships, family support, and volunteers. In North Clackamas, parents and the community work in concert with the district to support students.

Students can expect to be challenged to think deeply, solve problems, and enjoy learning in respectful and safe schools. The district’s commitment includes access to professional music, physical education, and counseling educators beginning in kindergarten and continuing through high school. Students are critical and creative thinkers with a strong foundation in English language arts, math, science, social studies, and the arts.

Innovative, exceptional, and caring staff actively engages each student and their families. Through a relevant and challenging curriculum, North Clackamas educators promote high expectations, cultural understanding, and productive study habits. School and district staff are committed to growing professionally, embracing technology, and setting the pace for education in Oregon.  North Clackamas is nationally recognized for outstanding programs supported by the efficient utilization of resources.

The North Clackamas community expects, and school leaders ensure, accountable and transparent investments that place funding as close to the student as possible.

Students are at the heart of North Clackamas schools. North Clackamas grows artists, scientists, teachers, athletes, and community leaders. Students have the opportunity to follow their own path and discover new possibilities on the journey to graduation, college, and career.

To learn more about North Clackamas Schools, go to or call Cindy Quintanilla at 503-353-6017.

 Follow Your Path