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Your child can have health insurance

Healthy Kids is a new program that provides free or low-cost health coverage to all uninsured kids and teens under age 19.  Even middle income families may qualify..

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Eligibility is based on:
• Age

• Family income

• Residency

No family makes too much for Healthy Kids. Even middle-income families may qualify for coverage on a sliding scale. For example, a family of four can earn as much as $67,200 per year and may qualify for the low-cost option.

To be eligible, a child must be uninsured, under the age of 19, live in Oregon and be a legal resident. Family income will determine whether the child qualifies for the no-cost, low-cost or full-cost option.

Although there are exceptions, your child must have been without health insurance for two months prior to the date of your application for Healthy Kids. Exceptions to this waiting period include job loss or reduction in work hours, a child's serious medical need, if current or recent coverage is through COBRA, instances of domestic violence, very low income (less than $29,000 per year for a family of four), and other exceptions.

If you are unsure whether you fit one of these exceptions, please apply anyway and send a note along with your application explaining your situation. Please include the date your private insurance ended or will end and the reason for the benefits ending.

Last Modified on December 14, 2016