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What Do CHS Musicians Wear?


As is the case with band and orchestra students, appropriate clothes are needed for concerts and other performances.  This is so that we are unified as a choir and so that no one brings more attention to themselves than others.  We want to look our best (professional) to perform our best.

MEN'S CHOIR:  All black.  No denim or jeans! 
Wear an undershirt.  Black slacks, black button-up dress shirt, black socks, black dress shoes.  Dress shoes may be slip-ons (loafers), or laced.  Red tie; may be solid, striped, dotted, whatever.  Men's Ensemble often has a tie-tying clinic in October. 
If you wear white socks or shoes you will be asked not to sing and take an unexcused absence.
A-CHOIR MEN:  Nice slacks, and either a long-sleeved dress shirt with a tie.  Wear an undershirt.  Shoes should be appropriate to the outfit.  No white shoes or white socks are allowed.  If you wear white socks or shoes you will be asked not to sing and take an unexcused absence.  This is normal, universally accepted concert attire.

LADY CAVETTES:  Black and white mix of business attire, or what you would wear to a relative's wedding.  Dress, skirt, nice slacks
A-CHOIR WOMEN:  A dress, a skirt (not a mini), or nice slacks with a nice blouse or sweater.  Shoes should be closed-toe and be appropriate to the outfit (stiletto heels are not acceptable).  Black nylons required.

CAVALAIRES, CAVELLES, A-CHOIR:  Wear your appropriate outfit to all performances unless otherwise noted.
**CAVALAIRES, CAVELLES:  There is a financial obligation to purchase an outfit to match your choir and strengthen its identity, usually around $90.00 for women and $240.00 for men.  Men wear tuxedos again for upcoming years and women wear dresses two years in a row.  When we change outfits, outgoing singers sell theirs to incoming singers if they chose.  See the director in case of a family financial hardship.

NOTE:  Shorts, jeans, shirts with printing or pictures on them, white socks, and ski coats and jackets are not acceptable formal concert wear.  Neither are tennis or skate shoes.  Use good judgment in selecting clothing that is neat, modest and attractive.
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Last Modified on May 29, 2015