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Books & Textbooks

  • Students are allowed to check out one library item for two weeks.
  • Overdue fines are not charged, however if a book is damaged or lost a fine to replace the book will be charged.
  • Students need to bring their ID Card to the library with them to check out or know their ID number and enter it into a keypad. This number stays the same all through high school too.
  • Check outs are not allowed until fines for both library and textbooks are paid. This includes books from previous schools in our district. Fines will follow to the High School and activities will be limited if fee's/ fines are not paid.
  • Class sets of textbooks are used in almost all subject areas. If a student needs to take a book home, they must come to the library and check one out. Textbook checkouts do not count as the one item allowed for checkout.
  • Our math textbooks are a paperback style. Please be sure to keep them in your notebook to avoid damage.


Last Modified on October 9, 2012