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Putnam Feeder System Boundary Change
to be Implemented in 2014-2015
On March 13, 2014 the North Clackamas School Board adopted Putnam Elementary Feeder Boundary Map 6B and directed district staff to grant exceptions for families that currently have elementary aged children in areas 301A, 201B, and 202A on a case by case basis upon parent request. Families will be receiving communication from the district regarding the exception process. April 10th the board approved a small adjustment to area 502A which was originally approved to go to Bilquist, but will go to View Acres.

On December 12, 2013, the School Board voted to close Concord Elementary School at the end of the 2013-2014 school year. A Boundary Committee, comprised of parents from local elementary schools, community members, school board members and district staff was created to develop an advisory report to the superintendent on school attendance boundaries in the Putnam High School attendance area.

The Boundary Committee was comprised of two parent representatives from each of the five elementary schools in the Putnam High School attendance area, parent representatives from outside the Putnam High School attendance area, school and district administrators, transportation staff, technology staff and board members.

The purpose of the Boundary Committee was to review data, ask questions, provide input on boundary scenarios developed by staff, and collaborate on a boundary realignment advisory report (not just a specific recommendation) to the superintendent that outlines the best long-term solution given all the perspectives.

Over the course of four Boundary Committee meetings, after studying and deliberating on a significant amount of data, considerations, and input from the community, the Boundary Committee focused on eight boundary scenarios (and many variations of the eight as well).

From the eight scenarios, the Boundary Committee reached unanimous consensus on two scenarios (labeled Scenario 5B and Scenario 6B.

The committee then reached majority consensus (13 of 19 members) on Scenario 5B with a minority report provided by 6 of the 19 members who supported Scenario 6B. Between the two scenarios, the committee reached unanimous consensus on 10 of the 15 boundary parts of the proposals. Of the six committee members that did not support Scenario 5B, four said that they did not support the scenario, but could live with it. The remaining two of the six said that they did not support it and could not live with it.

In making this formal recommendation to the School Board to approve implementing Boundary Scenario 6B, the Superintendent believed that reducing the impact to families and students outweighed the need to have more evenly distributed forecasted capacity in 2022-2023.

The Superintendent agreed that the budget issue that caused the closure of Concord was a “district” issue and that Boundary Scenario 5B would have shared the impacts with more families in addition to the Concord families. At the same time, he also believed it is difficult to justify moving additional students (in addition to the Concord students that have to be moved due to a school closure) when the forecasted long-term capacity will be available in each of the elementary schools in the Putnam High School attendance area in 2022-2023.