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North Clackamas School District Instructional Support

It is our goal to provide resources and updates about the work that is in progress across the North Clackamas School District to support curriculum and instruction.

Teaching and Learning Team


Maureen Callahan
Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
Alyssa Engle
Associate Director of Teaching and Learning 
Joan Flora
Associate Director of Teaching and Learning
Stephanie Morrison
Administrative Assistant
Instructional Coaches

Chris Hawking (Equity & ELA) x37777

Chris Mauthé (Equity & Health, Social Studies)   x37774

Meagan Sternberg (Equity & Science)x37776

Diane Bishop (Mathematics) x37773

Julie Frank (ELA/ELP) x32207

Lindsay Ochs (Equity & Elem. Math) x37733

Jaime Guinn (Equity & Elem. Math) x37734

Siri Anderson (Equity & Elem. Math) x37736

Kelli Johnson (Equity & Elem. Math) x37759

Collaboration Grant Liaisons (TOSA)

Jenna Miller x37730

                                                Jocelyn McIntire x37731
Last Modified on February 2, 2017