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Welcome to the NCSD Instructional Technology Web Page!
 We are committed to the establishment of a district-wide vision of technology integration.
Our goal is to assist teachers as they integrate technology into instruction to support student learning,
using current, research-based instructional practices.

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 Featured Classroom
Take a peek inside a member of our North Clackamas Elementary Digital Learning Cadre
member's, (Harmony Brown) 4th grade classroom and see the digital tools she uses to enhance
writing, research, behavior management, video annotation, Google Classroom and Google Slides.
A 3rd grade teacher Sue Boyes, from the NCSD Digital Learning Cadre, 
applies her newly learned digital strategies with her students to
help read and learn about Health content.
A 5th grade teacher Dixie Daniels, from the NCSD Digital Learning Cadre, 
applies her new skills, strategies, CCSS and fun together with her students.
 A 4th grade teacher Angie Richen, from the NCSD Digital Learning Cadre,
backchannels using TodaysMeet with her students.
Ms. McNaughton, a kindergarten teacher extends her and her students' letter recognition,
handwriting, phonics, speaking and digital literacy, integrating use of iPads in her class centers. 
1st graders CAN do so much! 
North Clackamas Elementary Digital Learning Cadre member's (Elaine Gilmour, Lot Whitcomb Elementary)
integrates Chromebooks to enhance her students' research on penguins. Small group instruction leads to the students learning,
then finding a new partners to teach processes and skills via Google Classroom and Google Slides.

 Kindergarten students in Jill Sutton's class at El Puente teach one another double digit division using an iPad.
 Please click on the image to start the video.
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