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New Urban High School

New Urban High School strives to provide relevant and challenging educational opportunities and life skills within a caring and positive school climate by developing strong relationships.

Our students choose to take part in an innovative and unique educational experience that offers them a chance to be productive citizens of their community.

New Urban High School is a magnet school within the North Clackamas School District. North Clackamas District #12 is one of the largest school districts in the State of Oregon, stretching from the Willamette River on the west to the Damascus area on the east, from the Multnomah-Clackamas county line on the north to Gladstone on the south, encompassing approximately 40 square miles of territory.  There are 19 elementary schools, four junior high schools, four high schools, and the unique Sabin-Schellenberg Center, where students from all four high schools assemble for technical, vocational and career education courses.

Along with the district, we believe that our program compliments the district by offering another high school choice for students. We believe in strong connections with students, connections to our staff, connections to curriculum and learning, and a commitment to New Urban as a school. Our students receive a North Clackamas diploma upon graduation. We require Youth Take Action, a course in which students develop an awareness about their community and how they can make a difference in it. They participate in service activities with local non-profit organizations in order to see that teenagers can, in fact, make a positive difference. Students also are required to complete Senior Internship where they research a career field of interest, complete a 60-hour internship at a local business, create a three-year plan, and present their experiences to a panel. We employ two school counselors for our 200 students and believe strongly in supporting the emotional and mental health needs of our students. We currently partner with several community organizations who help provide this support. Our students often describe our school culture as "a family" and we believe in creating a culture that is positive, supportive and safe.

New Urban began in 2003 and is founded on five core beliefs about schools and education:

  1. We want all of our students to feel that they are known well by our staff and will have meaningful interactions with adults on a daily basis.

  2. Learning should be challenging, stimulating, and relevant to students' lives.

  3. Teachers know students' learning styles and provide varied teaching strategies to accommodate for the differences.

  4. All students can learn with the proper environment and motivation

  5. School must be a safe place both physically and emotionally.

At New Urban teachers work in teams, or "houses", assigned to smaller groups of students. This allows for a project based system enabling teachers to integrate their curriculum and students to see the connections between content areas. Students are grouped in houses based on the number of credits they have acquired so that they can continue to progress toward a high school diploma.

We believe that students should learn about and become contributing members of their community. As a requirement for graduation, students will participate in Youth Take Action (YTA), a service learning course and opportunity, as well as Senior Internship, which involves career research and planning and an internship at a local business. Graduates from NUHS earn a North Clackamas School District diploma.

We believe strongly in supporting students' mental health as well. We employ two school counselors, providing a ratio of one per 100 students, as well as extensive connections with local organizations and services to provide support for our students. All of our teachers have Oregon teaching licenses and meet the school's requirements of professional competency. Our teachers are committed to working with your child and demonstrate that commitment every day.

Dare to Be

"Dare to Be" is the New Urban High School Motto. At New Urban High  School, we Dare to Be…

  • Bold.  We dare to be bold enough to do the right thing, strive for excellence, and take a stand.

  • Our Best.  We dare to be and give our best in every endeavor and undertaking.

  • The Change.  We dare to be the positive change that we want to see in our lives, our school, our community, and our world.


What Students say about New Urban High School:

  • "I love the one-on-one attention and academic support"

  • "I love the safe and very accepting atmosphere"

  • "A great, successful environment with teachers who make learning fun"

  • "The teachers are always willing to help the students, no matter what level they are at"

The Phoenix

The mythical figure, the Phoenix, was an immortal bird of great wisdom and power.  Every 500 years, the Phoenix would burn herself to ashes in a pyre.  From these ashes a young Phoenix would arise with all the vitality, knowledge and wisdom of the millennia.  Because of the Phoenix-like rebirth of new beginnings, strength and hopefulness that many of the students at New Urban experience, we have adopted this eternal Bird of Flame as our school symbol.

Last Modified on September 20, 2016