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Welcome to the Clackamas High School Website:

Clackamas High School has a fine tradition of academics and athletics.  We hope to build on those traditions to achieve excellence throughout all our programs.

We are striving to engage each student today, inspire them for the future, and ready them for new challenges.  We define engagement as each student being actively involved and connected to his/her learning and school community.  We will achieve this through relevant instruction and curriculum and by expanding opportunities for students to connect to our school by providing new clubs, activities, and an intramural program.

We want to inspire each student to be curious, creative, and intensely motivated, with a deep sense of wonder.  Our goal is to more than double our Advanced Placement offerings and enrollment over the next three years.  Advanced Placement enrollment is a significant predictor of college success.  In addition, we will develop and foster a belief in each student that a high school diploma is just a stop on the road to further education.  With two-thirds to three-quarters of the jobs available to our graduates requiring further education, we will prepare our students for further education beyond high school.

And finally, we want to ensure that our students are ready for the next set of challenges.  For our freshman and sophomores, this means they are functioning at or above grade level in our core curricular areas so they can enroll in a wide variety of Advanced Placement courses as upperclassmen. Being ready for our upperclassmen means they are prepared to continue their education after graduation. For students not at grade level, we are developing intervention programs targeted at improving basic skills. All CHS students will have a four-year plan upon entering high school that will guide course selection and will ensure the goals our students have set will be achieved throughout high school.

Our overall target is equity. This means that:

Each student will perform at grade level by the end of 10th grade (reading, writing, math, and science);
Each student is enrolled in challenging coursework;
Each student is prepared for further education after graduation.
These targets are meant for each student regardless of his/her ethnic, economic, social, and/or special needs status.

Clackamas High School is an excellent high school.  With our targeted efforts focusing on the needs of each student, we believe Clackamas will become a truly exceptional high school and a model to others.  We enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to work with each student as we engage them today, inspire them for the future, and ready them for new challenges.

Last Modified on November 4, 2016