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 Clackamas Community College Advanced College Credit

In cooperation with Clackamas Community College, the North Clackamas School District and Milwaukie High School have developed a plan that will allow high school students to earn college credit for some of their high school classes. Students wishing to enroll in the Advanced College Credit program must pay $10.00 per credit hour and complete the college admission application form. Students must apply for CCC credit the year they take the credit bearing course.

WHY TAKE COLLEGE CREDIT COURSES? This program has been created as a way to help students make a smooth transition from high school to college by awarding college credit for equivalent college-level work in high school. Thoughtful forecasting of a student’s high school program can result in saved time and money.

WHEN CAN I START EARNING COLLEGE CREDIT? Students and parents should begin to consider advanced college credit opportunities in the first year of high school. These college credits can be used at Clackamas Community College or transferred to another college or university.

FEE: Students will pay a fee of $10 per college credit taken.
 Milwaukie High School offers the following Advanced Placement Courses:
 AP Studio Art* Spanish 5
 AP Psychology
 AP Calculus (AB) Spanish 4
 AP American History
 AP Chemistry 2 French 5
 AP English and Literature
 AP Biology French 4
 AP English and Composition
In each of these classes students have the opportunity to take an Advanced Placement test (*AP Studio Art students submit a portfolio for committee review).Students who earn a score of 4 or higher (on a scale of 1 to 6) can receive college credit.
Last Modified on November 3, 2016