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North Clackamas Schools 2015 Legislative Agenda

In the following areas, the North Clackamas School District School Board, Staff, Employee Associations and Community Advocates Will Advocate to:

·       Funding and the Funding Formula:

o   Pass K-12 statewide funding of $7.875 billion as part of a 10-year trajectory to achieve Quality Education Model (QEM) funding levels.

o   Reform Local Option tax laws in order to allow school districts equal opportunity to raise funds. Local Option funding should be proportional to the size of the district producing the same amount for the same tax on the property owner. (An equalization formula for Local Option Taxes).   

o   Prohibit Gain Share practices or require districts to account for other local resources, such as Gain Share, and include those resources in the equalization formula.

o   Support special education by providing funding at the full percentage of special education students in each district with additional state revenues.

o   Oppose any legislative mandates not accompanied by the appropriate funding to achieve the objectives of the legislation.

o   Propose that summer school programs qualify for transportation reimbursement.

·       Local Control:

o   Support the maintenance of control exercised by local school boards to make decisions in the best interests of their students and communities.

·       Educational Initiatives/Targeted Funding:

o   Add funding for Career and Technical Education through multiple means, including changes to the weighted formula and direct support for Career and Technical Education.

o   Embed Human Services staff as part of school support, such as on-site school based mental health and drug/alcohol dependency services regardless of students’ insurance or Oregon Health Plan status.

o   Coordinate services for birth to age 5 health, parenting and preschool resources. This may include the development of school-based social workers responsible to work with families from birth through first grade.

o   Provide non-competitive grant funds to school districts to either 1] provide parents with educational opportunities with their preschool-aged children or 2] establish a partnership between a community based organization and the school district focused on providing parents with educational opportunities with their preschool aged children.

·       Other:

o   Support Extended Day and Extended Year opportunities for students, including support for district partnerships that provide these opportunities.

o   Maintain the role of School Boards and local districts, and the current funding formula, in the management and accountability of charter schools.

o   Seek to eliminate or create a two-year moratorium that require Smarter Balanced Assessments to impact teacher evaluations.



1.      When representing the North Clackamas School District, the School Board, Employee Association Leadership, Staff Leaders, and Community Advocates will follow the legislative agenda as approved by the Board and supported through consensus of key partners.

2.      The key partners for legislative advocacy (School Board, Employee Association Leadership, Staff Leaders, and Community Advocates) will communicate frequently and as needed to learn of legislative plans, and speak with one voice on behalf of District positions.

3.      Personal positions should be identified as such and not those of the School District. The District name should not be used to advocate personal or professional organizations’ positions unless the Superintendent or the Board of Directors have approved the action.



(Proposed by district or others)

Discuss the issue with the Executive Director of Community and Government Relations, who will coordinate the following steps (1 through 7):

1.      Study of the issue(s) with the assistance of District staff, if necessary

2.      Develop position and approach in alignment with other partners (School Board, Employee Association Leadership, Staff Leaders, and Community Advocates)

3.      Finalize position/direction in consultation with Superintendent and/or Board

4.      Develop strategies

5.      Coordinate with other interests

6.      Assignment of appropriate individuals to pursue strategy

7.      Draft and/or promote legislation as appropriate



1.      Regular Board Agenda Items/Work Sessions

2.      Board and Administrative Updates

3.      NC12 Employee Newsletter

4.      Supervisors/Administrators meeting

5.      Key Communicators/Newsflash service

6.      Community Link newsletter

7.      Web Site, Social Media Updates



The timing of crucial legislative actions do not always provide an opportunity to seek Board direction relative to all issues on which staff action is important and necessary.  In situations of this nature, it is suggested that the Board of Directors authorize individual Board members and staff to take action, at the discretion of the Board Chair or Vice-Chair, on those issues consistent with the North Clackamas School District Legislative Program.