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Standards-Based Report Cards for Elementary
The North Clackamas Elementary School report cards were developed to give parents, guardians, teachers, and students more clear information about how students are progressing toward important skills, strategies, and knowledge in their current grade level.  This type of report card is called “Standards Based.”

Our report card is part of our system of “Best Practices” in education.  For many years,our teachers have been using standards to organize their teaching.  Now, they will are also able to grade students using these same standards. Teachers and parents will know what we want students to learn (standards) and what students should be able to do as a result of what they have learned. Our report card also meets new state requirements about what should be reported to parents.  We are excited about our report card and view it as an important part of our home-school partnership.  It is a great tool for sharing our understanding of student growth, including each child’s unique approach to learning.

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