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All students who are enrolled in Special Programs will have an Individual Education Program (IEP) written for them. Students must meet eligibility criteria under the Federal Law IDEA. (A Modified Diploma may be issued only to IEP students who fulfill the credit and program requirements).

Freshman Assurance Day

RC3078 - Senior Study Skills

Grade: 12    Credit: 1
Pre: Learning Specialist recommendation
This course is designed for seniors that have a current IEP. Student will receive academic support as designed in the IEP, as well as receive support toward passing their Senior Seminar Experience, CIM requirements, and assistance with transition.

Freshmen Assurance Day 2008

RC3056 - Study Skills

Grades: 10,11,12 Credit: 1
Pre: Learning specialist recommendation
This class is designed for students on an IEP taking mainstream classes. The focus of this class is to improve basic skills and reinforce study skill strategies needed for success in mainstream classes. CIM work sample opportunities are available.

RC3012 - Freshman Study Skills

Grade: 9 Credit: 1
Pre: Learning specialist recommendation
This class is designed for freshmen on an IEP. The focus is on high school survival skills which include: organization, time management, textbook reading, note-taking, and personal responsibility.


Grades: 9,10,11,12 Credit: 1
Pre: BETA staff evaluation and Special Education committee approval.
BETA (Building Effective Thoughts and Actions) is a course designed to empower students to be responsible thinkers. In BETA, students explore thought patterns, recognized thinking errors, and develop strategies for responsible thinking. The primary goal of our students is to demonstrate personal growth, which will result in successful school performance. All students are required to be on an Individual Education Program.

RC3034 - CIM Builder

Grade: 10    Credit: .5
Pre: Learning Specialist recommendation
This course is designed for sophomores that have a current IEP and are working to meet 10th grade benchmarks. In this course students will learn test-taking strategies, practice math problem solvers, produce writing and reading comprehension work samples.

SL501 - Structured Learning Center-Academic (SLC-A)

Focused Elective: HR
Grades: 9,10,11,12    CRLE Opportunity Credit: 1
Pre: District placement.
School program will include instructional learning activities that will provide for: the introduction of self advocacy, positive self-image, organizational skills, consumer awareness, accessing community resources and transportation, personal health and safety, decision making, social skills, career exploration, telephone skills, leisure skills, budgeting and finance, functional reading, and math.

Last Modified on October 6, 2008