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Strategic Property Partnership with North Clackamas Parks & Recreation
Determining the Future Use of Concord - Phase II 
3/9/17 Update 
On March 9, 2017, the Board took the following action:
Approved the strategic partnership with North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD) which includes: 
  1. NCSD purchase of NCPRD's Hood View Park located in exchange for the vacant and closed Concord Elementary School, the vacant Lake Road administration building, and $15,780,000 of bond funds
  2. NCSD declare surplus and exchange (sell) Concord Elementary School in partial trade for Hood View
  3. NCSD exchange (sell) the (already declared surplus) vacant Lake Road administration building in partial trade for Hood View

In 2015, the District engaged the community to receive input on the future use of Concord Elementary School. While the results were mixed, the majority themes were:

1.    Community use is the preference, and non-profit community use is preferred over for-profit community use.

2.    There is a sentimental attachment to the building as a school and as a historic structure that would make removing it an issue for many people in the community. In addition, there was a theme that the area around Concord is lacking public parks and open spaces. If the community loses this public open space, it will never have a similar space again.

3.    The desire to take more time for the process and create a community use.


On May 14, 2015, the Board took the following action:

Invest up to 23 months (March 2017) to determine the future use of Concord. Investing additional time in the process provides more time for the community, individuals, businesses, agencies, district, and/or organizations to research opportunities, collaborate, create partnerships, secure funds, and develop plans to inform the future use of the school building and site. 

The Board would discuss and approve a process to inform, solicit, review and evaluate proposals for the future use of Concord. At the same time, the process needs to provide flexibility to adapt to any unforeseen future changes.

The Friends of Concord / Concord Partnership was created by concerned community members. The Concord Partnership is “Committed to the preservation and repurposing of Concord School with an emphasis on community use.”

The Concord Partnership worked with Restore Oregon who work to “Preserve, Reuse, and Pass Forward the Historic Places that Make Our Communities Livable and Sustainable.”  On November 13, 2015 Restore Oregon listed Concord as one of “Oregon’s Most Endangered Places”.

June 2016 Restore Oregon provided a grant to the Concord Partnership to support project planning for adaptive reuse of the building.

The Concord Partnership has engaged the community in the visioning and repurposing planning process. Several conceptual plans have been developed and shared with the Board and community.

A proposal to the North Clackamas School Board to sell Concord to North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD) will be a discussion item at the February 9, 2017 and February 23, 2017 Board meetings. The Board will consider taking action during the March 9, 2017 Board meeting. The community has the opportunity for input at each of these meetings.

The proposal to sell Concord to NCPRD is one component of a Strategic Partnership involving the exchange of three properties (NCPRD’s Hood View, NCSD’s Concord, and NCSD’s vacant administration building).

Invitations for input are being sent to the communities, stakeholders, and media by NCPRD and NCSD.

Community members may also share their comments, questions, and input via email or by phone. Please contact Lisa Schwarz at or call (503) 353-6004.



Last Modified on March 24, 2017