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As we plan the next steps in health education for North Clackamas, we want to continue our communication with our families and community. On November 2017, the NCSD school board voted unanimously to adopt the Comprehensive Sexuality Education Plan. This plan includes areas of state legislation involving CPR, domestic violence, human sexuality, and sex abuse prevention education. (currently on website)
Prior to the vote, we shared our draft Comprehensive Sexuality Education Plan (CSEP) with about 100 community members between an advisory group and a community forum. Both groups provided us with valuable feedback that informed the process to get us to the adoption. 
Health is one of those topics that is difficult to find the balance, especially knowing some of the content can be sensitive. For some people some of the Health content won’t be enough and for others it will be too much. One thing we know is important is you have accurate information, we address questions and we hear your perspective in order to make the best decisions possible.
We value your feedback. Please review the information from the CSEP link to the left.