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Fourdiplomas are available for high school age students.  These include a standard diploma, a modified diploma, anhonors diploma and an Oregon basic diploma. In addition, for students who areunable to complete all the requirements for any of these diplomas, threecertificates are available.  Twocertificates are available for foreign exchange students, the Certificate ofAttendance and the Certificate of Completion.  The Certificate of Attainment is available for the studentwhose primary course of study is life skills.  Students and parents requiring additional information shouldcontact the high school counseling office or a building administrator.


GraduationRequirements for North Clackamas School District

North Clackamas graduates will be required to satisfy all of thefollowing:

Complete 24 units of creditincluding required courses and focused electives.

Demonstrate proficiency in reading,writing, speaking, and mathematics by passing state tests and passing worksamples.

Complete Extended Applicationrequirements.

Complete two Career-Related LearningExperiences (CRLEs).  Experiencesin the community, workplace, or in the school, that connect academic andcareer-related skills through real world applications. Two CRLE’s are requiredfor graduation. Every course that includes a CRLE will be designated at the endof the course description: CRLE.


Class Of 2012 and beyond

Language Arts                                                                                   4.0

Mathematics                                                                                     3.0*

Science                                                                                           3.0**

Social Studies                                                                                    3.0

Health                                                                                                1.0

Physical Education                                                                          1.0


          Must Include:

           --Arts/Second Language/Professional Technical         3.0

                   (0.5 must be Fine Arts)                                                         

--Other Electives                                                                              6.0


                  Total                                                                     24 credits


*Mathematics credits must be at the Algebra level or higher.

**Two of the three Science credits must be lab-based.



Studentsmust demonstrate proficiency in NCSD Performance standards to graduate.Proficiency can be documented by passing state tests and completing worksamples at a level of 4 or better. Work samples are classroom assignments andstudents will have many opportunities to meet these requirements.



  10th grade State Wide Assessments/11th& 12th grade retesting opportunities

            February- meet or exceed on the Writing assessment with a composite score of 40 with notrait less than 3

            Fall/Spring- meet or exceed on the Reading/Literature and Math with a score of 236 orbetter

Students whodo not pass these assessments must have opportunities to remediate the areas inwhich they did not pass. They must retake tests during their junior year, andif necessary their senior year. After attempting a test twice a student may use work samples to showproficiency in an area. For student options, refer to the options to assessmentsection below.


            Writing - 2 Total (two different)            Speaking - 2 Total (two different)            Mathematics - 2 Total (two different)

             narrative or imaginative essay                        rehearsed informative speech                        AlgebraicRelationships           

                         expository essay                        rehearsed persuasive speech                        Geometry

                         persuasive essay                        unrehearsed speech                        Statisticsand Probability

Last Modified on November 3, 2016