Rex Putnam High School

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There are many different ways to get school closure information.

Call 503-353-6020.

Go to Channel 28 in North Clackamas County in areas served by Comcast (Happy Valley is Channel 27).

What news stations receive school closure information? Channels 2, 6, 8 and 12.

The following FM stations: KBPS 89.9 (PPS), / KKRZ 100.3 (Z100) / KFIS 104.1 (The Fish) - Portland, KGON 92.3 / KWJJ (Wolf) 99.5 / KNRK 94.7 / KRSK 105.1 (Buzz), KKCW 103.3 (K103) - Portland, / KINK 101.9 / KUFO 101.1 / KUPL 98.7, KOPB 91.5 (PBS) - Portland, KVMX 107.5 (Mix 107-5) - Portland, KBVM 88.3, KLTH 106.7.

The following AM stations: KPAM 860 - Portland, KEX 1190, KPOJ 620, KWBY 940 (Spanish) - Woodburn, KXL 750 - Portland, KKPZ 1330.

Possible Scenarios

Two Hour Delay: Schools will be opened, but two hours late. School buses will operate as close to two hours behind schedule as road conditions will allow.

Snow Routes: Bus snow routes may differ from regular routes. School bus drivers and the individual schools will provide students and parents with information about snow route bus stops. The Transportation Department also has this information.

Early Release and Activities: When schools must close early, afternoon and evening athletics and activities will be canceled and early transportation home will be arranged.

For 2016 -   Two Bus Route Changes for inclement weather. 

Snow Route Bus Stops


Route 51

Current Stop at: Aldercrest and Kuehn  5005 SE Aldercrest


Change morning stop to:  


Upper Aldercrest @ Aldercrest  at

7:59 am (approximately)


Current Stop at: 3909 SE Aldercrest


Change morning stop to:  


Briggs @ Nixon at

8:09 am (approximately)





Route 55

Current Stop at: Oak Grove Blvd @ Wagner Ln and the stops on River Forest Rd


Change morning stop to:  

Fairoaks @ Oak Grove Blvd at

8:03 am (approximately)


Current Stop at:  Fairoaks @ Dana  River Forest Rd (may also use)


Change morning stop to:  

River Rd @ River Forest Rd at

8:11 am (approximately)


Current Stop at: Fairoaks @ Eastwood Ct


Change morning stop to:  

Fairoaks @ Anspach at

8:04 am (approximately)


Snow Day