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Updates and more updates!                                                                                              January 2, 2017

This is the 8th year of the KINGSMEN THUNDER Drum Line and there are many exciting additions and changes!  The drum line continues to thrive under the direction of René Ormae-Jarmer with additional part-time help of Eric Yahrmarkt (Caption Head at Sunset High School Drum Line, Oregon Crusaders Indoor tenor tech and part-time staff on several other drum lines in Oregon).  The drum line is wildly popular wherever they perform, However, it is not monetarily supported by the district.  Student fees, grant writing, and donations keep this program alive.  Below is a wish list, please consider donating your tax-deductible contribution to the RPHS Music Boosters.  Thank you and we look forward to performing for you in the community and this year the drum line will be competing on the NWAPA (including a WGI circuit show here in Portland).  A drummer’s work is never done!

Introducing the 2016/2017 drum line roster:


Lucas Payne, Snare 1

Patrick Bannikov, Snare 2

Roman Quick, Snare 3

Oscar Quick, Tenor 1 and BATTERY LEADER

Andrew Spisla, Tenor 2

Samantha Michaels, Bass Drum 1

Topher Nelson, Bass Drum 2

Atticus Martin, Bass Drum 3

Liam Martinez, Bass Drum 4


Cassie Barrett, Marimba

Sam Zimmer, Xylophone and PIT LEADER

Kylie Baker, Aux. Percussion/Rack

Shane McIntosh, Impact Station/Rack

There is an ever-growing wish list see below:

Scholarship help for member fees

Props  ($1,200)

drum line.  ($500-$900)

Replacement Heads for drums ($300)

Uniforms/basic wear (1,000)

NWAPA (NW Performing Arts)  fees:  This is our Second YEAR COMPETING (cost is $825-$1,000)

Travel Expenses:  $700

A once-in-a-blue-moon pizza rehearsal to feed hungry percussionists (about $100 from flying pie)

Marimba fundraiser:  Goal is $9,000 for two instruments badly needed. .  As of this writing we have only $500 more to go for our FIRST marimba due to a grant received!  Thank you Clackamas Cultural Arts Coalition! 

New Websites:  PAYPAL Button




RPHS Music Boosters (501c)

Attn:  Drum Line
4950 SE Roethe Rd.
Milwaukie, OR 97267

Your donation couldn't be more appreciated by this compact powerful elite percussion group that performs in your school district, your community and represents you at parades and events.  The KINGSMEN THUNDER is available to perform at your event as well if you need a little loud attention drawn to your business or cause!  Contact me at: to schedule.   



For the last 8 years, excitement of the drum line has continued to grow and inspire at the middle school level.   In order to help facilitate the skills needed for future KINGSMEN THUNDER battery members, I am continuing to volunteer at Alder Creek Middle School.  The enthusiasm and "fire" is there folks!  Bright young drummers are getting a boost from learning serious rhythm training.  Pre-training future drum line members, the weekly sessions include:  stick control, counting, sub-dividing, professional musicianship, rudiments, typical drum patterns and etc....  All that said, we simply have a great time learning all this stuff and the kids love it!

Here's one obstacle however:  THERE IS NO EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE  FOR THESE DRUMMERS!  In 2015 I was able to procure an amazing donation of 15 high quality practice pads to introduce percussion and drumming to no less than 22 drummers (up from the previous year).  Through my previous grant-writing and some community donations over the last 5 years, we’ve been able to hand down older Putnam drums and purchase one tenor drum.  But more is needed.  Bass Drums, Mallets, Heads, Harnesses and stands are needed for the drummers to play on.  If you’re reading this, please consider donating to the RPHS Music Boosters (they also support Alder Creek musicians as well).

This is the second year Alder Creek Middle School percussionists are performing at competitions with the KINGSMEN THUNDER as front ensemble members and now battery.  See info at bottom to find out how to participate for next year!

The yearly workshops:  Last year’s drum line workshop saw over 30 enrolled drummers.  Something is happening….these workshops are getting higher attendance every year….As a fundraiser for the program, it was the largest workshop ever.  Dates TBA for May 2017.  

Donations from local drum shops, New Seasons, Tom Tom Magazine, and Vic Firth (I’m fortunate to be a Vic Firth Educator), Grand Central and other fine businesses make sure that every drummer attending learns some serious skills and goes home with the tools and inspiration to engage in the percussion world.   Drum Lessons are Life Lessons. 


Last year was the first time Rex Putnam has EVER represented this district at competition.  This is a big deal.  It takes trucks, parents, food, time, gas, and lots of extra rehearsals to put on a floor show with movement.  Schedule will be posted so come and support!  What is WGI?  Winter Guard International?  The NWAPA is the Northwest’s version and extension of the WGI national program, only more regional. 

NWAPA stands for the Northwest Association for the Performing Arts. We exist to provide a competitive outlet for marching bands, colorguards and percussion ensembles from throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Our Mission:

Organize and manage an annual circuit of standardized contests for competitive marching bands, winter guards and winter percussion units.

Provide educational and constructive feedback for students via a high quality adjudication system.

Build and maintain an organization of band directors who seek to educate young people through the medium of music and athleticism.

Encourage the growth and appeal of marching and pagaentry activities throughout our region.

Our Values:

Excellence in music and artistry.

Education for all.

A healthy and focused competitive spirit.

Mutual support and appreciation among members.

Rewards for hard work.

More info at:



Upcoming performances: 

8-23-16  10am, Rose Villa Grand Opening

12-23-16  10-Noon Starbucks on SE Concord, Clack. Co. Sherriff’s K-9 Fundraiser

1-12-17  8am, Riverside Elementary

2-3-17  Sellwood Middle School TBA

2-11-17  SATURDAY—Percussion Premiere/Clinic @ Glencoe HS

2-25-17  SATURDAY—Regular Season Show @ St Helens HS

3-4-17  SATURDAY—Regular Season Show @ Evergreen HS

3-18-17  SATURDAY—WGI Regional @ Liberty HS

4-8-17 SATURDAY —Percussion Championships @ West Salem HS

4-15-17  SATURDAY –OCI  Invitational @ McMinnville HS 

The Kingsmen Thunder Drum Line would like to thank the following organizations for their support.  Without this support, drum line would not exist or be able to grow.  These organizations recognize and appreciate the heritage and culture of drum line, how it supports the students directly involved in this highly athletic and musical activity and that as the drum line performs in the area, the wider mission of exposing students and the community to the art of drumming.  Tens, hundreds, thousands, are affected by the noble, loud, and technical art form known as the modern indoor drum line program.

 Onpoint Community Credit Union


Tom Leach Roofing

Dr. Packham Dentistry

Rhythm Traders

Portland Music

Trade Up Music

Offworld Percussion

Bryan Beede CPA, Gladstone

Moreland Vision Center, Sellwood

My Path Wellness

Clackamas Fire District #13

Clackamas Cultural Arts Coalition

And many private donations from alumni, and N. Clackamas and surrounding areas.


2016/2017 Drumline recruiting is happening and DRUMLINE HAS BEGUN!!!.   Most programs start in August so don’t hesitate to join.     Contact the director, Rene’ Ormae-Jarmer for info:  503-704-1934.

FRONT ENSEMBLE (November start date):  Mallets (Marimba, Vibes, Xylophone), percussion, drumset, bass, guitar, you name it, all other instruments used in a Winter Indoor Drumline program are being added to the KINGSMEN THUNDER.  Contact director for info.

Looking forward to our season of competition.  Building a drum line program that the community loves is a passion and full of hard work and determination.  Students learn high skill sets, discipline, teamwork, musicianship, and musical as well as visual skills.  Come out and support us!  Drum line competitions are full of pageantry, showmanship, extremely high musicianship involving movement and motion.  Loud and exciting, you’ll be enjoying what is a worldwide love of percussion and music presented in a colorful and organized manner.  

Rock on and see you out there,

René Ormae-Jarmer


Vic Firth Educator

PAS (Percussive Arts Society) Member

OMTA (Oregon Music Teacher’s Assoc.) Member

Drum--Piano--Percussion Instructor

Tom Tom Magazine writer

"Get your chops on..."


Other Staff:    Eric Yahrmarkt--Eric’s involvement with a myriad of percussion groups in the Northwest spans the last 19 years. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Music from Washington State University, where he studied under professor David Jarvis. From 2000 to 2002 Eric marched in the Seattle Cascades Drum Corps.

Eric is the Percussion Caption head for Sunset High School. Currently in his 7th year on staff with Oregon Crusaders Indoor, he has also served on staff for the Oregon Crusaders (2006,2009-2012) and Seattle Cascades (2007). 


Last Modified on January 3, 2017