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 To match positive, consistent adult mentors to elementary aged youth in the North Clackamas School District to improve student peer relationships and strengthen positive connections to school.

EVERYBODY NEEDS SOME BUDDY SOMETIME  A Lunch Buddy is someone to eat with, someone to talk to, someone to listen to, someone to laugh with and someone a child can depend on to be there for them.  Spend 50 minutes once a week helping a child gain better relationships with their peers and feel better about their school community.  

  • Youth who meet regularly with their mentors:
    • are less likely to start using illegal drugs than their peers
    • are less likely to drink alcohol
    • are less likely to engage in violence
    • have fewer trips to the principal's office
    • have better attendance

If you are interested in becoming a Lunch Buddy Mentor at one of our elementary schools, please either click on the links below for an application and a criminal history check form or contact Linda Parsons at (503) 353-5663.  The program email is    Application     Criminal History Check Form 

Once your application is received in our office, we contact the references you list and complete a criminal history check.   When those are all completed, we will call you to come in for an interview and program orientation.  Once this process is successfully completed, you will be matched with a student at the North Clackamas elementary school of your choice.  There will be ongoing support and supervision from the school counselor as well as the program coordinator.
Please note: The Lunch Buddy office is closed between June 10, 2015 through September 8, 2015.  
sally Ayanna  Lisa and Shane Dave and Jayden

Thank you to our supporters for their generous contributions for the 2014-2015 School Year:

Mike Nelson Memorial Golf Tournament
Milwaukie Christian Church
Heffernan Insurance Brokers
Charles Schwab Foundation 
Bruce Alley
Russ and Judy Isom
Mai Kiigemagi
Kay and Jim Loeffl
Deborah Noble
Kevin Spooner
Stuart and Jill Fishman
Dean Patzer
Richard and Janet Enger
Protemp Associates
Joe Fairbairn
Ron and Shirley Naso
Diane Fleck- Someplace Else
Frank and Sherri Magdlen
Barbara Jensen
Toni Cline
Todd Caldwell
Mai Kiigemagi
Jim Myers
Scott and Gretchen Walker
Kristin Kinnie
Happy Valley Elementary PTO
Seth Lewelling Elementary PTO
Scouters Mountain Elementary PTA
Lot Whitcomb Elementary PALS
Linwood PTO 
Fred Meyer Community Rewards
eScrip Program (Safeway)

In Kind Support:

North Clackamas School District

North Clackamas Education Foundation

North Clackamas Family Support Center

Kerry Belle-Isle
Josh Lunceford
Ken Rommell
Kristin Kinnie
Melinda Pibal
Jennell Andrews
Katie Dunn
Carol Earle
Natashia Duncan
Edy Martinez

 Program Donations:

The North Clackamas School District Lunch Buddy Program is privately funded, if you are unable to be a Lunch Buddy at this time, but would like to support this important program, please make checks payable to NCEF - Lunch Buddy Program.

Lunch Buddy Program  6031 SE King Road  Milwaukie, OR 97222

 You can register your Fred Meyer Rewards card with the Lunch Buddy program at  The Lunch Buddy program is Non-Profit number 83472.  Fred Meyer donates money each quarter to registered non-profit organizations. 
Additionally, you can register your Safeway card with the Lunch Buddy program at  Our group name is NCEF-Lunch Buddy Program and our Group ID number is 500001541.  When you shop at Safeway and use your registered Safeway card, a portion of what you spend is donated to the program your card is linked to.  
Last Modified on June 8, 2015