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Services for English Learners-
Making a difference for the students we serve

The diverse population of students and families we serve in the North Clackamas School District enriches both teaching and learning. More than 65 languages are heard in the homes of our students with Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese as the three most widely spoken. The North Clackamas School District serves approximately 2,000 English learners with specific instruction in English language development. Our highly trained English Language Development Specialists work in each of our schools with the goal of providing the instruction and services English learners need to have full access to the curriculum and reach the high academic standards required of all North Clackamas School District students.

Bilingual Instructional Assistants work closely with the school staff to assist students and families with communication needs, and access to the many programs and opportunities in our schools. Our central office staff provides continued staff development for classroom teachers, school administrators, support staff, and English Language Development Specialists. 
The Services for English Learners department collaborates with other district personnel to ensure the needs of English learners are considered in the design of specialized services such as Federal Programs, TAG, and Special Education. 


Executive Director, Instructional Services
Director's Secretary
Shelly Reggiani
Marci Paulson 
Records Secretary 
Kathy Roney
Bonnie Perry
Associate Director 
Jonathan Fost
 TOSA Elementary
Leah Riedel
503-353-6135 x37754 
 TOSA Secondary
Laurie Essafi
503-353-6135 x37778 


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