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Driver Education  2014 

 Sorry Summer Term is Full
All confirmations have been sent to those students that are registered for the summer term. Fall term information will be posted in August.
Summer Term will be held at The Wichita Community Center
6031 SE King Road, Milwaukie OR 97222

Tuition:   $360 under 18 with their instructional permit

  $570 for 18 yrs olds or student that have received their license.
                       $285 for students with permit, under 18 and quilify for the reduced lunch program.                     

The Oregon Department of Transportation no longer provides partial funding for the driver education students who have their driver’s license, obtain their driver's license, turn 18 prior to completing the class or do not complete the requirements needed to receive a certificate. Those students will be charged an additional $ 210.



Welcome to Driver Education



This course is ODOT approved. It is designed to provide students with information about safe driving. The knowledge gained from this course, when coupled with experience, judgment, and a commitment to personal safety, can reduce the risks involved in the most hazardous daily activity, driving. 

Wichita Community Center Summer Terms Driver Education:
Manditory Parent Student Orientation is Thursday June 19th in the Library, starting 6pm sharp to 7pm.
Classes are M, T, W June 23rd - July 16th with the last class on Thursday July 17th.
Classes start promtly at 9am - 11:30am. Enter Library from outside enterance door. 
Drive Labs :  In addition to the classroom time you will also have 6, two hours drive lab, (time behind the wheel- BTW)
State certificates are only issued to students who attend every class, pass all assignments, have 12 hours of in-car training and are 17 or under and have not received their lience. Students will begin in-car training after receiving 6 hours of classroom time. Drive labs will be assigned at oreintration only after handing in a photocopy of your permit or lience. Students must arrive on time for every class and driving session. You will not be able to drive if you have forgot your permit or do not have the proper foot wear on. Within 30 days of completion, a certificate will be mailed to the address on your registration. Replacement certificate may be available for an additional charge. 
 Missed BTW sessions
A missed driving session can only be made up through prior arrangements with the instructor.  If  missing session can be agreed upon, there is an additional  make-up fee. This payment must be made at the Wichita Community Services office prior to making up the driving lab.  
Student Conduct

Students that exhibit discourteous or intolerable behaviors in the classroom or driving sessions will be asked to drop from the class (No refund will be issued). Food is not allowed in the classroom or vehicles. Bottled water is allowed


Driving Requirements
Every student is assigned an in-car training partner and no driving sessions will be held unless both partners are in attendance. Operator’s license or permit must be in student’s possession during each driving session. Students will not be allowed to drive while wearing flip-flops, slippers, or high heeled shoes. Corrective lenses, if required, must be worn during driving sessions.
 Practice, practice, practice
The 12 hours of experience that students gain during the in-car training is not sufficient to make them skillful drivers. Additional supervised practice is essential. Students are required to drive a minimum of 5 hours outside of class in order to receive a certificate.  We recommend more practice.
Materials required: Permit, 2 inch ring binder, lined paper and pencil are required at each class and lab.
How to register: 
                                                             by credit card


Register on line at:

After registering call 503-225-0770 with your credit card information.


Fill out form below and e-mail to Lisa at


     Tuition: $360 under 18 with permit.

*On reduced lunch program: fee is $285   18yrs old or licensed: fee is $570


To Register & pay by check


Fill out the form below and attach your check or money order made out to NCSD.


Mail to:      Wichita Center Attn: Lisa

                  6031 SE King Road

                  Milwaukie OR 97222


      Tuition: $360 under 18 with permit.
*On reduced lunch program: fee is$285 
       18yrs old or licensed: fee is $570


To Register & pay with cash

Fill out the form below and deliver form & fee to:


      Wichita Center

         6031 SE King Road

         Milwaukie OR 97222

     Tuition: $360 under 18 with permit. 
*On reduced lunch program: fee is$285 
 18yrs old or licensed: fee is $570  
                      No payments accepted in class and you must have registered and paid to attended class.
Summer Term Driver Ed is full. We are know longer taking application for Summer Term.
Info for Fall Term will be posted sometime in August
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Last Modified on June 24, 2014