Safety Town  2014
 North Clackamas School District Community Services
6031 SE King Rd.
Milwaukie, OR 97222

25th Annual Safety Town 2014 
Open to all children going into Kindergarten or 1st grade

Session 1
 June 17-20 & 23-26 
Each session is 8 days 
Session 2
 June 30-July 3 & 7-10
Each session is 8 days
Session 3
 July 15-18 & 21-24
 Each session is 8 days

The world can be a very dangerous place for young children. They can get lost, scared, injured, and many times there is no adult around to help.  Children who attend Safety Town learn to recognize and respond appropriately to the many hazards and dangerous situations.


Under the guidance of district staff, teen and community volunteers, children are introduced to a wide variety of safety concepts. Safety education includes topic about fire, drugs, animal, water, poisons, electricity, railroad, danger strangers, 911, and much more, a long with special emphasis on traffic and pedestrian safety.


The Sunnyside school gym is transformed into a small city complete with houses, streets, traffic lights, and little cars to peddle through Safety Town.  Songs, poems, art projects, movies, guest presenters, and a short school bus ride combine to make Safety Town a fun learning experience. 

Teen volunteers, age 12 and up, are an important part of this program. If you enjoy children and have leadership skills, become a teen volunteer.
Teen application check here  Applications are also available at the NC Jr. High School. All application must be received by May 16th.
Please note that all applications received on time will be consitered but that we often have more teen volunteer appling then are needed.
 2014 Safety Town needs your help!


Be a Safety Town SponsorIn effort to keep registration fees low, Community Services depend on your support. Each year monetary donations are needed for supplies, equipment, healthy snacks and more. For more information contact Durelle Singleton at 503 353-6094 or Lisa Kay at 503 353-6090 ext27891 or e-mail at  Please call or e-mail us and join our list of sponsors.
Thank You for your support in 2013:   Providence Milwaukie Hospital
                                                        Wichita Community Services
                                                        Clackamas Fire Department
                                                        Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program
                                                        Mr. Yuk Poison Safety Program
                                                                      Mai Kiigemagi rug donation                                                        
                                                        All of our Teen Volunteers
Map and Directions to Sunnyside Elementary: Click here
Last Modified on March 18, 2014