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 Facility Contacts and Application Forms
Applicants must complete and submit a Facility Use application with a waiver signature to the Community Service Facility Assistant for use of facilities in K-8 schools. For specific sites see applications below.
Facility Use Fee ScheduleClick Here    
Be sure to read and print out the Code of ConductClick here.
Any questions? Contact Us:
Requests for High School facilities and Alder Creek field use will be individually handled by an assigned representative. For use of other facilities, please contact the following representatives:
K-8 Schools, Wichita Center, New Urban and Alder Creek Turf Field
Contact: Sheri King and Candy Haynes, Facility Use Secretaries
              Phone number: 503.353.6092
                 ApplicationFacility Use Application 
Contact: Pam Cach, Scheduler
               Phone number: 503.353.5910 ext. 37633
                 Application: Sabin-Shellenberg Facility Use Application 
Clackamas High School  
Contact: Rebecca Morris
                Phone number: 503.353.5810  ext. 38080
                 Application: Clackamas Facility Use Application
Clackamas Turf Fields 
Contact: Rebecca Morris
               Phone number: 503.353.5810  ext. 38080
               Application:  Clackamas Facility Use Application
Milwaukie High School 
Contact: Shawna Krause, Head Secretary
               Phone number: 503.353.5840
               Application: Milwaukie Facility Use Application 
Milwaukie High School Turf Field and Alder Creek Natural Grass Field 
Contact: K.T. Emerson, Milwaukie High School Athletic Director
               Phone number: 503.353.5835
               Application: Milwaukie Facility Use Application 
Rex Putnam High School 
Contact: Sandi Hansen, Athletic Secretary 
               Phone number: 503.353.8501
               Application: Putnam Facility Use Application
Rex Putnam High School Turf Field
Contact: Sandi Hansen, Athletics Secretary  
               Phone number: 503.353.8501
               Application: Putnam Facility Use Application
All Schedulers Will:
  1. Determine the availability of the facilities, including personnel and equipment if necessary
  2. Determine the requester's classification
  3. Check form for accuracy
  4. Route the application form to the Community Services Supervisor if the request is of commercial, religious or partisan political nature.
  5. Place on Bookking schedule system and e-mail invoice.
  6. Collect payment, acquire proof of insurance (if applicable).
Any Additional Questions?
If you have any additional questions regarding Facility Use, please contact us by email at or contact the Community Service Supervisor, Durelle Singleton at 503.353.6090. Thank you!
Last Modified on August 19, 2016