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Sixth Grade Social Studies

  The Story of Africa - Contains clear information about the history of Africa   The World Factbook - Click on a country to learn about geography, politics, people, etc.
  Wikipedia - A Wikipedia resource on Africa    
  Asia and the Pacific    
  Ask Asia Instructional Resource-Maps - An index of maps relating to the physical and human features of Asia and the Pacific
  Ask Asia Instructional Resources: Photographs - An index of photographs of Asia   Asia Source - This sites offers links to various Asian topics of study.
  Europe and Russia    
  Castle Builder - A web based journey to learn about medieval times and castles   Feudal Europe Vocabulary Games - Test your knowledge of feudal Europe vocabulary through these games
  The Renaissance - Learn what inspired this age of balance and order   Spice Advice - Explore the role of the spice trade in European rise to power
    The Face of Russia - An interactive timeline of Russian history
  Latin America    
  Conquistadors- An innovative education resource for middle and high schoolclassrooms to learn about the Spanish Conquistadors in the New World   Discover Ancient Maya - Learn about the ancient Mayan settlements
  Ancient Mexico - This site has links to literary sources, ancient and current maps, timelines, etc   Ancient Peru - This site connects to literary sources, timelines, art, culture, etc.
  Mystery of the Maya - This site offers extensive information on Maya civilization   Teotihuacan: the City of the Gods - Take a virtual trip to this Aztec area
  Ancient Mesoamerica Map - An interactive map of ancient Mesoamerica (Aztecs, Mayan)   Mexican Culture - Learn about Mexican culture. This site was made by students
  Celebrate Hispanic Heritage - A student friendly website about Latin American history, timelines, famous Latinos, etc.    
  The World Factbook - Get information about countries of the world   The Library of Congress Country Studies - A helpful site for country research
  Map Machine - From the National Geographic site, download and print maps on a variety of subjects and locations   Geospy - Play online geography games to learn geography
  Map Collection from the University of Texas - This is a valuable source for a variety of maps   U.S. Geography - Practice U.S. geography skills through interactive activities
  National Atlas - Find printable maps on different parts of the United States   Country Pages from the U.S. State Department - Learn about different countries of the World
  Map Scales - Observe images put to different scales.    
  Environmental Studies    
  Environmental Protection Agency - Information and activities to educate students about their impact on the environment   National Geographic Nature Index - An index of national Geograpic articles and activities
  Image and Sound Searches    
  Pic Search - Use to find pictures   National Anthems - This site has downloadable national anthemss

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