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The North Clackamas School District identifies students as academically talented and gifted in the areas of math and reading.  The mission of Talented and Gifted education is to identify, encourage, and respond to the diverse need of students identified as TAG by facilitating and or providing differentiated curriculum and instruction to meet students’ academic rate and level of learning.

The purpose of this instruction is to provide students with intellectual challenges and methods to extend learning and encourage exploration, self-discovery, inquiry and perseverance.


Testing for Talented and Gifted Identification done on May 14th, 2016

Thank you very much for bringing your student to the district TAG testing session Saturday May 14th.
The Nagliari, (NNAT 2), assessment is hand scored and entered into a computerized scoring system by staff in the Instructional Services Department.  We have begun the scoring process of the assessment and will have them completed by June 6th, 2016.
Sometime during the first two weeks of June, you will receive an assessment report in the mail letting you know how your student scored.  In order to have the TAG identification, your student will need to have scored at the 97th percentile or higher.  Regardless of how your student scored, the report will still provide you with information about your student as a learner.  Each student has potential to learn and grow to great lengths no mater what percentile score he or she receives.
School principals will be notified of their students who scored at the 97th percentile or higher and will communicate with parent in the fall about continuing the TAG identification process.

Testing for Talented and Gifted June 21st

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Instructional Support Services
Shelly Reggiani, Executive Director of Instructional Services 



Last Modified on June 6, 2016