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Even the experts can't agree on an all-encompassing, simple definition of giftedness. Being talented and gifted not only means different things to different people, there are many different ways of being talented and gifted. There are many who believe that every child is gifted in some area (Renzulli). There are those who believe there are multiple kinds of intelligences (Gardner). There are those who believe that giftedness is focused only on the cognitive skills (Terman).

While parents and educators alike in the North Clackamas School District would like to serve the broader definition of giftedness, the reality is that in Oregon the processes to identify talented and gifted students are by law focused on the cognitive skills. This debate on the philosophical definition of giftedness or with the identification process, however, should not cause us to minimize the services we are able to offer these students.

NCSD Mission:

Therefore,the mission of the talented and gifted program of this school district is to identify, encourage, and respond to the diverse needs of students identified as talented and gifted by facilitating and/or providing differentiated curriculum and instruction of significant depth and complexity.

The purpose of this instruction is to provide high ability students with intellectual challenges and methods appropriate to that ability as they assume responsibility for their own learning and to ultimately become productive citizens and lifelong learners.

NCSD TAG Brochures: The Parental Rights Brochure and the TAG Program Services Brochure are to be handed out together

Parental Rights for Talented and Gifted Students / Appeals and Complaint Procedures Brochure
Talented & Gifted Program Services Brochure


Instructional Support Services
Shelly Reggiani, Executive Director of Instructional Services 



Last Modified on September 17, 2014