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Courses at Clackamas High School

A comprehensive, well rounded academic program is provided to high school students by the NorthOrchestra Clackamas School District. Our programs include courses in Social Science, Language Arts, Visual and Performing Arts, Science, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, and extensive offerings in the professional/technical areas. We offer challenging and interesting courses of study which include the acquisition of academic and technically-oriented knowledge and skills. Additionally, the school-based experiences are connected with work-based opportunities. Through a planned focused program of academic and professional/technical courses, students can prepare for lifelong learning including: direct placement into the work force, advanced study at technical institutions, military training, community colleges, and four-year colleges and universities.

We encourage you to carefully choose classes that keep your goals and aspirations in mind, as well as the district graduation requirements, listed in the next couple of pages. If you are planning to attend a four-year college, look at the college requirements listed in this book. Consult web sites and books in the CAV Center for more information on specific colleges and training programs. As you are planning for your future, be sure to ask a lot of questions - of teachers, counselors, and professionals in the field in which you are interested. This is your future!

If you are a junior or a senior: Since reading, writing, speaking, and mathematics graduation requirements must be met to earn an NC# 12 diploma, freshmen and sophomore students must work diligently to meet these performance standards by the end of the sophomore year or be required to make an extra effort to meet work and assessment performance standards their junior or senior years.



Last Modified on February 21, 2017