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Clackamas High School Band
West Linn HS Band Festival Thur., May 20, 2017 - Parent/Guardian Informed consent for Field Trip form 
CCC Jazz Festival Sat., Mar. 18
Wind and Jazz Ens. California Trip

Pep Band/State Boys Basketball Playoffs 3/11/17
But Wait/There's More 3.0
It looks like we have enough winds to play and I plan on taking the band to the game. However, we still need more trumpets and trombones and could use a bass player. Students that are not in Wind Ensemble or Jazz Ensemble and did not attend yesterday's game, will need a permission form. 

 Pep Band Game 3/3/17
Although I hadn't planned on organizing a pep band or drumline for Fri. night. due to the unavailability of 40+ students, most of whom are our most experienced players, preparing for our state qualifying OMEA Dist. 13 Solo/Ens. Contest Sat., Mar. 4, I am now hoping to. We play David Douglas. They are tent. sending 2 router buses of students(c. 100) and a full band(c. 80). It would be nice to have solid representation from CHS. Tent. plan is to ask students to arrive at 6pm. Game is usually 7-8:30pm +/- 15 min. I am not expecting any of the students that are competing Fri. to participate.  I hope I can count on your support and as many of our remaining students to make this happen. See you Fri. night.
March Activities
Pep Band 

We are playing tonight. Participation is voluntary. Students are to arrive at 6pm. Game is from 6:30-7:50pm. We are not planning on playing Fri. or Sat. due to our OMEA Dist. 13 Sr. Div. Solo/Ens. Contest Sat., Mar. 4 at CCC. However, rumor is David Douglas may bring a band. In that case we many need to have a group if possible. Next game is tent. Wed., Mar. 8 at 6:30pm at the Chiles Center.

Concert Band

Rehearsal with JV2 Percussionists Fri., Mar. 3 per. 3 in the band room. Take first lunch. Evening rehearsal tent. Mon., Mar. 20 in the band room from 7-8:30pm(8pm). Contest is Wed., Mar. 22 at MHCC. See website calendar for more information.


Symphonic Band

Rehearsal with JV1 Percussionists Fri., Mar. 3 per. 2 in the band room. Evening rehearsal tent. Thur., Mar. 9 in the band room from 7-8:30pm(8pm). Contest is Contest Fri., Mar. 9 at Warner Pacific College. See website calendar for more information.


Wind Ensemble

Rehearsal with V Percussionists Fri., Mar. 3 per. 1 the band room. Evening rehearsal tent. Mon., Mar. 13 in the band room from 7-8:30pm(8pm). Contest is Tues., Mar. 14 at CCC. Leave for Disneyland Fri., Mar. 24. Arrive PDX 5am with Photo ID, Carry-on and instrument. Return Mon., Mar. 27 PDX 11:20pm. See website calendar for more info. including flight information.


Intro. to Jazz(JV Jazz Ens.)

Contest Sat., Mar. 18 at CCC. Contest Thur., April 13 U. of P. All-Day. See website calendar for more information.


Jazz Ens.

Contest Sat., Mar. 18 at CCC. Leave for Disneyland Fri., Mar. 24. Arrive PDX 5am with Photo ID, Carry-on and instrument. Return Mon., Mar. 27 PDX 11:20pm. Contest Thur., April 13 U. of P All-Day. See website calendar for more info. including flight information.


Marching Band

Begins Mon., April 3 for all 9th graders and new students. Returning CHS students begin Thur., April 27. See website calendar for more information.

 MHC Jazz Festival Sched. for Sat., Dec. 10 has been Cancelled

Dear Jazz and Intro. to Jazz Parents and Students,

Reynolds School Dist. has decided to cancel all events tomorrow including the contest. A date in Jan is being considered. Please text anyone you can. Sorry for the inconvenience. See you Mon.

Mr. Betts


Dear Parents and Students,

Drumline(minus a couple of cymbals and a snare) and students that volunteered will be traveling to Providence Park Fri., Nov. 25 for the 4pm State Football Playoff Game. Students are to meet in the band room at 2pm and should return no later than 7:30pm unless there is overtime. Students are expected to wear band shirts and black pants and be prepared for cooler if not cold temperatures.  Students and chaperones will be provided transportation and tickets to the game.

 I will need a few chaperons. Please let me know ASAP if you're interested and available by contacting me at at your earliest convenience.

All students not in Wind Ens., Jazz Ens. or Wind Ens. Percussion must complete the attached Parent/Guardian Informed Consent for Field Trip form and give it to Mr. Betts Sat. in order to ride the bus.


Mr. Betts


Dear Band Parents and Students,

Here are some things to consider before school starts:

1                Freshman Assurance Day Tues., Sept. 6-no instruments

2                ALL Students Bring Instruments beginning Wed., Sept. 7.

3                Band Camp Fri.-Sun., Oct. 7-9. Registration Form is avail. on-line                  on the band web-page and was due Aug. 28 for a $10 savings.                  Late registration due Thur., Sept. 17. All remaining balance is due                  Thur., Oct. 1.All students are expected to attend. Parents willing                  to chaperone should contact Mr. Betts ASAP. Contact Mr. Betts                  with challenges ASAP.

4                2017 Performing Arts Calendar on the band website.

5                Fall Band Concert Mon., Oct. 17 at CHS at 6:30pm(HVMS Beg.                  and Int./Adv.,), 7:15pm(CHS Concert Band, JV Jazz Ens., Sym.                   Band,  Jazz Ens., Percussion Seminar and Wind En.)

6                Pep Band. All students are expected to participate. Students may                  be excused from one game per season except homecoming.                  Students are to arrive in the band room by 6:30pm in black pants                  and band shirts. Please pick up students immediately following                  the game(about 8:45pm). Percussion students will be assigned                  specific games. Schedule: Fri., Sept. 16, Fri., Sept.                  30(Homecoming), Thur., Oct. 13, and Fri., Oct. 28. Contact Mr.                  Betts with challenges ASAP.

7                Scrip Year-Long Fundraiser. You are able to purchase gift cards                  every two weeks for all the places you shop and get a “kick                  back.”  For more info. See the band website. Dates (avail. on band                  web-page): Mon., Sept. 19, Oct. 3, 17 & 31, Nov. 14 & 28, Dec. 5                  & 12 and Jan. 9 & 23.

8                Band Parent Meeting Thurs., Sept. 15 at 7pm in the band room                  (Topics: Pep Band, Concert Attire, Camp, Private Instruction,                  Parent Support/Involvement. Wind/Jazz Ens. Trip to California                  etc.).

9                All-Northwest and WIBC Auditions are due to Mr. Betts Thur.                  Sept. 29.

Wire Stands. All students are expected to have their own foldable/wire music stand for home practice and performances(TBD). Please, please, please mark their name on it with a sharpie.

Fred Meyer

Our success with Fred Meyer continues. This fundraiser is working. See what Fred Meyer is telling us.
Your supporters (45 households) who shopped at Fred Meyer between 4-1-2016 and 6-30-2016 (Cycle 2016, Qtr 2) have contributed to your $165.74 total donation.
Your supporters (42 households) who shopped at Fred Meyer between 2015-10-01 and 2015-12-31 (Cycle 2015, Qtr 4) have contributed to your $161.16 total donation.
Community Rewards
Here's the info. You can help clackamas high school band earn donations just by shopping with your Fred Meyer Rewards Card!*Fred Meyer is donating $2.5 million per year to non-profits in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, based on where their customers tell them to give. Here’s how the program works: ·Sign up for the Community Rewards program by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to (non-profit) at You can search for us by our name or by our non-profit number #82395.·Then, every time you shop and use your Rewards Card, you are helping Clackamas High School earn a donation!·You still earn your Rewards Points, Fuel Points, and Rebates, just as you do today.·If you do not have a Rewards Card, they are available at the Customer Service desk of any Fred Meyer store.For more information, please visit 


Scrip Vendor Update Verifying a new, safe and secure way to communicate through a brief text with students and/or parents. My intent is to use this system to remind parents of scrip orders, future performances etc. Text @chsband5775 to 23559. Password: pfobcsthtbt 


Band Camp Pictures Here is a link to some pictures taken at band camp that you are welcome to view and download. Thank you  Ken Horn. Click on Clackamas High School Band Camp - currently the first folder Password is band14 (all lower case) To download pics,  click on the download arrow at the bottom right of the photo to get the full resolution of the photo.  If you do the right click with the mouse it will download a thumbnail of the photo (very low resolution).  Also, you are welcome to order from the site (no profit is made but it might just be easier to order and get it done).


1st Semester Final 1st Sem. Finals Feb. 1-4. Wind Ensemble-Students are required to play in a small ensemble(Duet, Trio, Quartet, etc.).  Symphonic Band-Students are required to perform an assigned etude/example in front of the class with a metronome and two major scales(Db and D). Flute/Bourree Anglaise qtr. note 90-108, Oboe/Sarabande qtr. note 72, Bassoon/Exercise #10(Fine to D.C. Al Coda to Fine) qtr. note 120, Clarinet/Maggiore(top part, no repeats) qtr. note112, Bass Clarinet/TBA, Alto, Tenor and Bari. Sax/Exercise #34 qtr note 120), Trumpet/Exercise 26 qtr. note 116, French Horn/Romanze qtr. note 72m, Trombone/Exercise #11 top part qtr. note 60-112, Bartone BC/Exercise #9 qtr. note 100, Tuba/eExercise 17 no repeats qtr. note 92. Concert Band-Students are required to perform an assigned etude/example in front of the class with a metronome and two major scales(Ab and D). Etude #10 from Rhubank Advanced Band Method by Jancourt. Qtr. note 72.  Percussion-Students are required to perform an assigned ensemble piece. V Percussion will be performing "Tusks." JV Percussion will be performing "What."


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