Community forums lead to new education plans

Our goal is ensuring that each student is engaged today, inspired for the future, and ready for the next set of challenges. More than 300 people provided their input on our long-term plan for school at community forums in February.

To provide your input on strategies concerning engagement, equity, technology, wellness, and support, take the survey above. The plan that results will guide education in North Clackamas for the next decade or more, helping us prioritize spending and student programs.

A few of the proposed strategies include:
• A longer school day or year
• Nightly homework expectations appropriate to each grade level
• Better ways to involve parents & community in schools
• Use of electronic textbooks
• Providing more laptop computers for students
• Providing older schools with the same technology new schools have
• Seeking added funding for new education programs

Will these ideas work? How would they change your school? Will these actions prepare students for jobs of the future? What do you think?

For more information, call Joe Krumm at 503-353-6017.


Our goal: To develop a strategic long-range plan that will meet the educational needs of each North Clackamas student and ensure their success in a future we do not yet know.

Last Modified on September 22, 2008