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Why choose North Clackamas Schools?

From the Happy Valley Business Magazine. 


Why do families prefer North Clackamas Schools?


“It’s a big district, but it feels small”


Those were the words expressed by one parent, but it reflects the comments of many parents when asked about their experience of North Clackamas Schools. Here are some other reasons why families prefer North Clackamas Schools:


•  Personalized education:  North Clackamas teachers work to meet individual needs and learning styles, whether a student needs extra help or a greater challenge.  Our experienced and highly qualified teachers understand the importance of differentiated learning and work to develop each child's strengths while addressing challenges.


•  Community involvement:  With more than 7,000 volunteers, North Clackamas Schools is the top volunteer organization in Clackamas County.  Dozens of community partners help the schools provide a variety of opportunities for students and families.


•  A combination of opportunities unique to North Clackamas:   

  • High schools offer more than 140 electives for students, far more than most other high schools.

  • Each year North Clackamas students earn more than 5,000 hours in college credit.

  • Students are given the opportunity to participate in dozens of sports and activities.

To learn more about North Clackamas Schools, go to or call Joe Krumm at 503-353-6017.

(Article as it appeared in Happy Valley magazine. Content supplied and sponsored by North Clackamas Schools)