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    All students belong in North Clackamas Schools- regardless of color, race, ethnicity, language, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ability, or economic status- EVERYONE BELONGS.

    During the 2021-2022 school year, North Clackamas Schools- with participation of staff, educators, and community stakeholders- created the District’s comprehensive 2022-2027 Strategic Plan. This student-centered, equity-based guiding document provides a districtwide roadmap and plan for staff and students as we navigate an ever-changing educational environment.


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    NCSD News • NCSD Creates Community Connections

    Have you seen our North Clackamas School District booth at the Clackamas Town Center, Farmer’s Market, First Friday, or one of the Movies at the Park?

    This summer, we have made it our mission to connect with as many community members as possible by setting up pop-up booths throughout the area.


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    NCSD News Volume 7

    As the school year comes to an end, this final episode of NCSD-TV jumps from school to school recapping exciting events at a very snappy pace…and it won’t take you long to see why snappy is the perfect description! Before you snap into summer mode, check out these fun video snapshots from Sabin-Schellenberg, Sunnyside, Rowe, and Mt. Scott...that all helped make the 2022-23 school year one to remember!

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    Nelson High Students

    Media reports say that teen suicides have risen nearly 30% in the past decade, but the stories of lives saved rarely make headlines.  Neither do the powerful prevention efforts of teenagers featured in this episode:  Adrienne C. Nelson High’s Imani Lewis, Delanie Woolcock, and Natalie Sangasy are charter members of a new peer leadership group called Sources Of Strength, and take time out of their lunch break each week to host wellness activities and make sure students who feel they have no way out…always have an “in” with classmates who care about them.

    Episode 30 - Sources Of Strength At Nelson High



    Read More about Episode 30 - Sources Of Strength At Nelson High
    Occupational Therapist Working With Student

    Although his official role at Rowe Middle School is Media Arts & Journalism teacher, Lucas Dix’s unofficial Shamrock title could be School Culture Champion.  In this episose of the Proud To Be NCSD Podcast, meet the energetic teacher who not only leads a team of school reporters to produce weekly “Shamrock News” videos, but also created the school’s writing magazine, invented the One Million Word Club to encourage student reading, and revitalized the school’s cross-county and track teams.  Oh, and did we mention he raps in viral school music videos?

    Episode 29 - Reppin' (And Rappin') Rowe Middle School



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    Occupational Therapist Working With Student

    Who can NCSD teachers and families count on to make sure students with physical challenges can participate in all the same activities as their peers?  That’s when our district’s amazing Occupational and Physical Therapists move in!  In this episode, we catch up with members of NCSD’s “Motor Team” – Rose Brenner, Morgan Garner, Lisa Kline, and Nicole Nix.  These positive professionals keep students on the move, whether perfecting primary pencil placement, pivoting padlocks, or even helping students in wheelchairs stand up and sing!  

    Episode 28 - Keeping Kids Moving Forward


    click here to listen
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    3 Autism/Behavior Specialists

    North Clackamas schools welcome nearly 17,000 students through their front doors each morning, including hundreds of students with special needs stemming from Autism Spectrum Disorder.  How do NCSD staff members ensure students displaying autistic characteristics feel welcome, excited, and inspired in each of our schools?  That’s where this week's guests come in!  Meet NCSD’s Autism/Behavior Specialists Genoa Hillis, Julia Hunter, and Amy Nielsen, who spend their days criss-crossing the district teaming with teachers, problem-solving with paraeducators, and, most importantly, inspiring all students to feel proud of how special they are. 

    Episode 27 - Special Needs Are Their Specialty 


    click here to listen
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    Riverside Bookworm Students

    Perhaps you’ve heard of the War Of The Roses, the Clash Of The Titans, and even the Attack Of The Clones…but have you ever heard of the Oregon Battle Of The Books?  These fabulous fifth graders from Riverside Elementary sure have!  They recently outperformed schools across the state in the fast-paced question-and-answer reading comprehension game and advanced all the way to the state finals!  In this episode, we learn how “The Bookworms” challenged themselves chapter by chapter in 15 different books to become the only NCSD team…and the first ever from Riverside…to earn statewide recognition as reading rulers!

    Episode 26 - The Bookworms: A Story To Celebrate 


    click here to listen
    Read More about Episode 26 - The Bookworms: A Story To Celebrate
    CARE Staff In Studio

    It may sound strange, but some of NCSD’s elementary and middle school students would be upset if they didn’t get to stay after school each day.  That’s because they love being a part of our district’s amazing after-school programs, offered to families who need affordable after-school care options.  In this episode, we learn this is far from any “babysitting.”  NCSD’s Director of Community Services Natalie Whisler, 21st Century Community Learning Center Program Manager Amber Barnes, and Boys & Girls Club Senior Director Rob Johnson tell us about these safe and structured programs offered at many district elementary and middle schools, and why students can’t wait to get there after school! 

    Episode 25 - Giving Special "CARE" To Kids After School 


    click here to listen
    Read More about Episode 25 - Giving Special "CARE" To Kids After School
    3 Teachers In Studio

    Did you know that in several K-12 classrooms throughout our school district, students may learn from their teacher one moment in English, but the next moment in Spanish?  These amazing classrooms are part of NCSD’s Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program.  This week’s podcast is the first-ever bilingual edition, as we learn in both English and Spanish about DLI classrooms from the tremendously talented teachers themselves: Lot Whitcomb Elementary’s Soltsinansy Hernandez Contreras, Veronica Alvarado, Melissa Sotelo Lopez, Miguel Ortiz, and Rex Putnam High School’s Jackson Doty.

    Episode 24 - DLI Classrooms: ¡Increíble!

    click here to listen
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    CHS Girls Basketball State Champions

    Before dribbling off to Spring Break, we posted up a preview of our conversation with three key members of the recently crowned OSAA girls basketball state champions, the Clackamas Cavaliers.  With March Madness now in the rearview mirror, this episode bounces back with Part 2 of our chat with the champs, where CHS coach Korey Landolt, along with the team’s two seniors, Rhyan Mogel and Eliza Buerk, hold court about their favorite memories of a season that ended with the school’s first-ever state championship basketball trophy.

    Episode 23 - Cheers For The Cavaliers - Part 2

    click here to listen
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