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    All students belong in North Clackamas Schools- regardless of color, race, ethnicity, language, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ability, or economic status- EVERYONE BELONGS.

    During the 2021-2022 school year, North Clackamas Schools- with participation of staff, educators, and community stakeholders- created the District’s comprehensive 2022-2027 Strategic Plan. This student-centered, equity-based guiding document provides a districtwide roadmap and plan for staff and students as we navigate an ever-changing educational environment. 


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    Student in TV control room.

    A giant pink stuffed unicorn is taking the Milwaukie High School hallways by storm! "Atta Baby" is awarded to a student recognized for going above-and-beyond to do amazing things for Milwaukie High. The student also gets to add a little personal style to Atta-Baby's wardrobe.

    Read More about NCSD News • Nothing says "Atta Baby" at MHS like a Giant Pink Stuffed Unicorn
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    During Native American Heritage Month, we take pride in introducing Cheryl Shane, our dedicated Student & Community Engagement Specialist. With 22 years of teaching experience, Cheryl has transitioned into a unique role as a liaison for indigenous families in North Clackamas.

    Read More about Introducing Cheryl Shane | Student & Community Engagement Specialist
    Student in TV control room.

    Lights, Camera, Action! Students in the Broadcasting and Journalism program recently hosted the National Teach Ag Day webcast from their studio at the Sabin-Schellenberg Technical Center. Hear from the student Executive Producer about her experience putting on a live show, and the importance of this event for both the Broadcast/Journalism program and the Agriculture program.

    Read More about NCSD News • Students Gain Career Experience Hosting National Teach Ag Day Webcast
    HVE Principal Duct Taped To Wall

    Sometimes, elementary students can drive a principal up a wall—literally.  That was the case earlier this week when Happy Valley Elementary students arrived at school to find their principal Heather Hull duct taped to a wall just outside the office.  Hull found herself in this sticky situation after HVE students met their October Jog-A-Thon fundraising goal, which also resulted in her taking a pie to the face at the last schoolwide assembly.

    Would the good-sport principal recommend similar consequences for her colleagues?  “Of course!” she exclaimed.  “There’s nothing better than getting taped to a wall at 6:45 in the morning!”

    Happy Valley students wholeheartedly agree.  “I thought it was pretty funny,” said third grader Tyson Mitchell.  “I think she should do it again!”

    You can see more of Principal Hull “caught on tape” here.

    Read More about NCSD News • HV Elementary Principal In Sticky Situation!
    Alder Creek Student Receives Heroism Award

    Why were students cheering when a Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputy suddenly interrupted their classroom to issue one of their classmates a citation?  That’s because the “citation” was actually a Kindness 911 Award, presented to a surprised Nefi DeMoura in the middle of his Alder Creek Middle School class.  The 11-year-old was honored for heroically pulling his younger brother away from an oncoming car during a hit-and-run incident near their bus stop earlier this month. 

    “His ability to think ahead and see what was coming literally saved his brother’s life and the people around him,” said Deputy David McCarthy.

    “It was really great,” DeMoura said of the surprise visit.  “My friends were already very happy that I saved my brother and they were just excited when they saw the news and they said, ‘Nefi you were on the news!’”

    To see the full video of the surprise presentation, click here.

    All of us in NCSD are so proud of Nefi and his heroic quick thinking! 

    Read More about NCSD News • Alder Creek Student Receives Sheriff Award For Heroism
    Woman shopping in Wichita Center Food Pantry

    With the first eight weeks of the school year now in the books, it seems likely that NCSD’s elementary students have chosen a favorite subject they love learning most about each day…but you may be surprised at the overwhelming answer!  Recess?  TAG- not it!  Social Studies?  That’s history!  These days, NCSD elementary students are falling head over highlighters for writing time!  In this episode, we learn why students can’t wait to put their pencils to paper, thanks to some energizing professional development for teachers and NCSD author-ities like Mt. Scott 3rd grade teacher Liz MaxwellOak Grove 1st grade teacher Rachel WongEmergent Literacy Specialist Kari Tunstill, and Early Learning Coordinator Jen Burkhart.  

    Episode 33 - Why Students Love Doing The Write Stuff




    Read More about Episode 33 - Why Students Love Doing The Write Stuff
    NCSD News Volume 8

    Sometime during their sixth-grade year, every NCSD student has the opportunity to say good-bye to family members for a few days…and say hello to what many students remember as the greatest school sleepover ever! This week, we follow a group of Rock Creek Middle School sixth graders to Outdoor School, including some who were a little nervous about going. What are they saying now after coming back home? Watch as the first of four NCSD middle schools goes from classroom to campground on this edition of NCSD-TV.

    Read More about NCSD News • Episode 9 • GREAT TIMES IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS
    Woman shopping in Wichita Center Food Pantry

    Converted from a neighborhood elementary school nearly 13 years ago, NCSD’s Wichita Center For Family & Community offers district families access to resources including dental screenings, employment training, preschool, mental health support, a food pantry, and a clothes closet…all under one roof.  Yet perhaps the center’s most important offering—hope for a better future.  In this episode, meet three of the special staff members who help manage this one-of-a-kind community hub, Natalie WhislerJen Kiltow, and the person who knows and greets every visitor by name, Claudia Milena.

    Episode 32 - Celebrating More Than A Decade Of Dedication




    Read More about Episode 32 - Celebrating More Than A Decade Of Dedication
    NCSD News Volume 8

    This week, we colorfully brighten your day by driving your eyes up a wall! Nothing sketchy or shady about this special morning at Seth Lewelling Elementary, where the community kick-arted the day by officially dedicating a giant new mural that will beautify the school for generations to come!

    Read More about NCSD News • Episode 8 • A COLORFUL MORNING AT SETH LEWELLING
    Superintendent Dr. Shay James laughing and speaking into micorophone

    Season #2 kicks off the school year visiting with our district’s top leader, Superintendent Dr. Shay James, who helps introduce us to members of our amazing Student & Community Engagement team, dedicated to making sure students and families from all cultures feel safe, welcome, and celebrated in each of our district’s 32 schools.  In this episode, hear incredible insights from three of NCSD’s Student & Community Engagement Specialists, Cheryl Shane, Raquel De Jesus-Mendoza, and Ed Villa, along with their recently named Director, Dr. Khaliyah Williams-Rodriguez. 

    Episode 31 - Our Superintendent & Super Engagement Specialists



    Read More about Season 2, Episode 31 - Our Superintendent & Super Engagement Specialists