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North Clackamas School District Equity Stance

The North Clackamas School District is committed to equity and the success of each student. Equity fosters an inclusive and barrier-free environment where each student will have access to a high-quality education and can follow their own path in reaching their full potential.

Today and every day we:

  • embrace and affirm the identity of each student inclusive of race, ethnicity, family economics, mobility, language, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, initial proficiencies, and religion.
  • cultivate a school system where outcomes cannot be predicted based on a component of a student’s identity and where the achievement and graduation gap has closed between students from historically marginalized populations and those who have traditionally experienced success.
  • identify and remove systemic barriers that perpetuate disparities and disproportionate outcomes for students in historically marginalized populations is the responsibility of each person in our system.
  • ​develop policies and practices that create the expectation for action and develop pathways to successful outcomes for each student, prioritizing historically marginalized populations.
  • ​apply our Equity Lens to allocate resources and administer programs and operations.
  • ​make sustainable decisions that align with our district mission and vision.
  • ​hire a workforce that reflects the diversity of the community we serve.
  • ​partner collaboratively with families and community to deepen cultural understanding, build positive relationships, and hold high expectations for each student.
  • ​uphold safety, respect, and care in each of our spaces.
  • ​know each student matters. Every single one of them.
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Equity Lenses

The North Clackamas School District is a community of learners committed to equity and the success of each student. This commitment means that student success will not be predicted nor predetermined by race, ethnicity, family economics, mobility, language, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or initial proficiencies.

Recognizing that each student has a unique identity is central to our work in education. District, school and classroom decisions, policies, and practices affect each student differently depending on the components of that student’s identity. Our commitment to equity supports fostering an inclusive and barrier-free environment in which everyone will fully benefit. To that end, the North Clackamas Equity Lens was developed to assist district staff and leaders when making decisions.

The reflective questions were designed to open conversation where issues can be considered from multiple perspectives. There may not be a simple “yes” or “no” answer, and the lens is not intended to be a flow chart of responses. It is, however, intended to cause individuals and groups making decisions to check assumptions, biases, and barriers in order to eliminate practices that lead to perpetuating disproportionate educational results and injustices based on the identifying characteristics of a student or group who are not members of the majority culture.

North Clackamas Equity Lens Guidance

Guidance for Use:

When making decisions and taking action, utilize the following questions:

Letters may be directed to:
Dr. Shay James, Superintendent
North Clackamas Schools
12400 SE Freeman Way
Milwaukie, OR 97222