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NCSD Guidance for Serving Gender Diverse Students

May 2022,

The North Clackamas School District is a community of learners committed to equity and the success of each student. This commitment means that student success will not be predicted nor predetermined by one’s identity. In our school, every student should have the opportunity to be themselves and thrive.  Students matter.  Every single one of them.

In education, each person has an obligation to each other, to each student, family, and staff member to ensure a learning environment that holds at its center a sense of safety and respect.  Unlike tolerance, which would have us simply acknowledge our differences, a standard of safety and respect creates a space where each of us has worth and value that is inclusive of our background, race, home language, religion, income, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

We recognize that an inclusive, barrier-free environment is one that supports student self-expression both in ways that conform and do not conform to societal expectations for students of their birth assigned gender. 

The purpose of this document is to highlight best practices to serve our district’s gender diverse students and to provide resources for educators.  As noted in our district Equity Policy, the North Clackamas School District is committed to the following foundational beliefs:

  1. Each student can learn with adequate support at the highest levels when all staff provide equitable access and opportunity for learning, and hold each student to high expectations.
  2. Maximizing the academic achievement of every child requires allocating resources equitably, not necessarily equally.
  3.  Everyone in the district will act to eliminate disparities to prepare all students for college and career.
  4. An inclusive and welcoming environment plays a critical role in supporting a child’s educational goals.

Recognizing the unique needs of gender diverse students is the foundation for providing the supports these students need.  Each child in our school system deserves an environment of safety and respect. Thank you for keeping students at the center of our work.


 Shay James, Ed.D.

Superintendent, North Clackamas Schools