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Local Teachers Levy

Teacher working with students.

In 2018, North Clackamas School District voters approved a Local Option Levy (Teachers Levy) to help supplement state funding for our NCSD schools. The Teachers Levy has funded approximately 180 teaching positions yearly at every school in our district. The Teachers Levy has become a critically important part of our school district and allows NCSD schools to fund one of our most important resources: our amazing teaching staff, which includes the 2022 Oregon Teacher of the Year, the 2023 Oregon Regional Teacher of the Year, and most recently, the 2023 Oregon PTA Teacher of the Year!  

When the current levy ends in June, 2024, it would also end $19.7 million in funds that pay for each of these 180 vital teaching positions. Without these teachers, each of our schools would face the devastating dilemma of how to continue empowering, inspiring, and growing our students with fewer teachers and larger class sizes.

The North Clackamas School Board is planning to place a Levy renewal on the November 2023 ballot and hopes you'll continue to invest in our children the same way you did in 2018. Please note that this is a levy renewal-- not a new or additional tax burden for any North Clackamas resident, who would continue to pay the same property tax rate for the next five years.  Thanks to you, a renewed Teachers Levy would give our students the opportunity to achieve their highest dreams inspired by each of their NCSD teachers.


How many teachers at each NCSD school does this levy currently fund? 

Note: Numbers presented here are estimates based on school enrollment and average teacher costs. 

  • 32 Schools
  • 18 Elementary Schools
  • 4 Middle Schools
  • 6 High Schools
  • 4 Public Charters
  • 180 teachers
  • 16,700 students

2018 Local Option Levy