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School Board Director Description

A local Board of Education has one of the most important responsibilities in our society - helping plan the education of the children in the community. Its decisions affect the lives of students and their parents, the livelihoods of those the District employs and the economic well-being of the community.

Education reform and funding issues in Oregon requires the school board to be a collaborative policy body that engages strategic partners.  Members must be willing to invest the time necessary to stay abreast of issues and trends, understand and analyze data, examine and set priorities and stay connected with the community.

The North Clackamas School Board is comprised of seven local community members, elected at large for four-year terms. 

School board members come from a diverse background, which gives the Board a variety of unique talents that work together to perform their collective duties as well as resolve various issues. Some members are active parents and/or have experience as community volunteers. Others have served on district committees, come from business or education backgrounds or nonprofit organizations.  School board members attend board meetings, committee meetings, attend school events, interact with the Superintendent and district staff, interface with other elected officials and attend regional board development conferences and workshops.


School Board Director Position Description

School Board of Director Position Information