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COVID 19 vaccination requirement for NCSD Contractors

Pursuant to OAR 333-019-1030, beginning October 18, 2021, North Clackamas School District (NCSD) requires the following contractors (including any employees or agents of contractors) to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19:

  • Contractors who have in-person contact with NCSD students, whether at NCSD schools or other sites; or

  • Contractors who work at or in NCSD schools and have direct or indirect contact with students.

Contractors within the above criteria must must work with their NCSD point of contact to complete the 2023 COVID-19 Waiver of Liability.

The following exceptions to the contractor vaccination requirement do not require vaccination or completion of the 2023 COVID-19 Waiver of Liability:

  • Contractors who perform services at school sites but will not have direct or indirect contact with students (including, but not limited to, construction, tech install, and repair and maintenance personnel who are not working in portions of buildings that are occupied by students);

  • Contractors who are not on or in district facilities and do not otherwise have direct or indirect contact with students;

  • Individuals making deliveries (e.g., parcel delivery or laundry pick-up or drop-off) and emergency service providers (e.g., paramedics and other emergency personnel, utility workers, emergency repair persons); or

  • Individuals working outside on school sites but not working with students are not subject to the vaccination mandate as long as they maintain significant distance from students at all times.

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