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Emergency Planning and Preparedness

At North Clackamas School District, we take the responsibility of caring for our students and staff seriously. With that in mind, below are some of the steps NCSD has already taken, as well as some of our future plans to continue improving our ability to respond to emergency events and care for our community:  

Emergency Protocols:

In preparation for emergencies, NCSD has implemented the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).

Emergency Drills: NCSD students and staff participate in Emergency Drills throughout the school year.

Emergency Food: NCSD has implemented a plan where each school building has enough food to provide a minimum 24 hour supply.

Emergency Procedures & Disaster Plan document


External Emergency Notification Process: NCSD utilizes three different methods to communicate out to families in the event of emergencies. Primarily, we use SchoolMessenger to contact parents and guardians via email, phone or text. Contact information is received during registration. Additionally, we will frequently use FlashAlert, and during significant emergencies, we would work with our partners at Clackamas County using their ClackCo Public Alerts Notification System. For links to register for FlashAlert and notification from ClackCo Public Alerts, please visit this page: Emergency Notification Process.

Internal Emergency Communications: In the event phone services are disrupted, the District has implemented multiple radio networks. The first is a point to point system using local channels within individual schools. The second utilizes repeater channels, allowing communications from one school to another. The third is intended only for emergency communications, and utilizes TRBOWEST, which is an external radio network providing district-wide communications. For the TRBOWEST system, we have installed base stations in each school office. In the event of an emergency, the base station has a battery backup and the ability to be plugged into a car charger for extended use in the event electrical power is lost. This network connects all District buildings to our District-wide Incident Command System.

Structure Resilience: As part of the 2016 Capital Construction Bond commitments, NCSD is working to make seismic upgrades to any buildings previously rated high and medium-high. 

Parent - Student Reunification: NCSD has implemented the Standard Reunification Method. Each school has a reunification kit and plan specific to their school to support a controlled release following an emergency event. Principals review their plan annually to verify appropriate staff members are able to fulfill the various roles following an emergency, including staying with students until the reunification is complete.