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2016 Bond Summary

In 2016 North Clackamas voters overwhelmingly approved a capital construction bond measure that is positively impacting NCSD's 16,700+ students and community through major facilities renovations, safety upgrades and new construction. The bond passed with an approval rating of 62%, funding needed repairs, updates, and new construction.

All 2016 Bond projects have been substantially completed!!  In October 2022 as part of our commitment to the community we created this Bond Summary publication which provides an overview of completed projects and financials. The publication is also available in multiple languages as well. 

NCSD is grateful to our community voters and the team of volunteers who dedicated many hours to informing our community about the district’s need for this bond. Your commitment to making our communities vibrant by supporting our schools is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to learn more about the details of each project throughout the district please visit our Bond Website.

2016 Capital Construction Bond Summary Publication