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Hey NCSD families…want the scoop on all our 30+ schools?  How about stories about sensational students…or terrific tales about teachers…anecdotes about admirable assistants…or positive pictures of principals?  You’re not going to want to miss a week of NCSD NEWS, our fast-paced social media news show bringing you the latest and greatest stories from all around the district! 

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Dr. Shay James Visits Cosmetology

Need your hair streaked, styled, or straightened? How about a magical makeover or fancy facial? Did you know there are advanced students right in our school district who can perform these services just like a professional? This week, Dr. James visits “Guest Day” in the Cosmetology program at our Sabin-Schellenberg Center, where we highlight a Skills USA champion student and tour the working salon where students never brush off a chance to show off their skills for special guests!

Episode 10 - Where The Gloss Is Always Half Full


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Kindy Students Standing Next To Kindy Kindness Sign

When Jake Lee asked his kindergarten students at Scouters Mountain Elementary about ways they could spread kindness throughout local neighborhoods, all 24 of his enthusiastic five- and six-year-olds immediately signed up. And by “signing up,” that meant putting motivational signs up at landmarks all over the Scouters Mountain and Happy Valley area, including walking trails, parks, and even the local library. See how the kindness is spreading beyond the classroom and throughout the community.

Dr. Shay James Visits Robotics

This week, a prime example of how wires get crossed in communication. Curtis shows off some VERY awkward robot dance moves, only to learn that Dr. James is actually featuring NCSD’s amazing Robotics program and a dancing robot. No wires needed as a Nelson High School student shows Dr. James what makes Robotics so cool, and how he programmed Marty the dancing robot!

Episode 9 - Classroom Visit Takes An R2-Detour




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Dr. Shay James Visits Technology

With more than 21,000 Chromebooks distributed for student use throughout our district, some machines are bound to break down at some point, right? Ever wonder how we get those defective devices back in service so quickly? This week, Dr. James visits a small, little-known workroom in the basement of our district’s Technology Department, and some of the people who live in a world of shattered screens, coffee-spilled keyboards, and powerless processors.

Episode 8 - 2024: A Technology Odyssey



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ACMS Student Vs. Staff Basketball Game

Sometimes, it just takes a little hooper humility to build caring connections with middle schoolers. This week, Dr. James catches up with a group of not-so-sharp-shooting staff members from Alder Creek Middle School, who challenged students to an after-school hoops matchup organized by the ACMS Black Student Union. Despite the lopsided score, students and families learned the sense of community created by these fun extracurricular events lasts long after the final whistle.

Episode 7 - Alder Creek Airballers


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ACMS MESA Club Members Esplaining Their Work

It’s long after 4:00 on a Thursday afternoon, so why are so many Alder Creek Middle School classrooms still buzzing with students who choose to stay after school? This week, Dr. James checks in with the ACMS after-school MESA team, and sees firsthand why these aspiring middle school engineers consistently win state and national science events. MESA stands for Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement, and you won’t believe the incredible inventions these NCSD teenagers are designing to benefit the community around them!

Episode 6 - Scientifically Speaking


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Dr James speaks with Bob Dulmage, Transportation Shop Foreman

Just like your car needs an occasional oil change, parts upgrade, or service repair, so do the hundreds of NCSD school busses that transport our 17,000+ students every day! Ever wonder where NCSD bus mechanics do this important “bus-iness?” This week, Dr. James visits with Transportation Shop Foreman Bob Dulmage, and sees firsthand how this special crew keeps our hundreds of shiny school buses in tip-top shape!

Episode 5 - Service With A Smile


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After-School Activities Full of CARE

Did you know some NCSD staff members are still leading elementary students hours after the last school bell rings? It was after 4:00 p.m. when Dr. James dropped by Happy Valley Elementary’s CARE program, one of seven after-school elementary programs located throughout our district where kids participate in academics, arts and crafts, and even some friendly athletics. And as you’ll see, perhaps the biggest benefit is long-lasting relationships built with peers and adult leaders.

Episode 4 - After-School Activities Full of CARE



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Sheep Red Barn Baby Day

Where else can you come face-to-face with a 3-day-old sheep, pet the soft fur of a llama, and meet a duck with a comb over? President's Day was also Red Bard Baby Day at the Sabin-Schellenberg Center's Land Lab! We tag along with the hundreds of community members who came to visit the amazing animals at this annual favorite event, while learning from NCSD Agriculture students helping raise the furry and feathered friends as part of their Land Lab coursework!

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🙌🏾 5 On Friday With Dr. Shay James: Episode 3 - "Turn Back The Clock" At Transportation

In a special "Turn Back The Clock" edition, Dr. James visits with NCSD's Director of Transportation Kathy Calkins, and learns why our district's Transportation facility is the cat's meow when it comes to the latest technology. Plus, meet bus driver Mr. Matt, who proved he's the bees knees when he challenged his middle school bus riders to a footrace on the track!

Episode 3 - "Turn Back The Clock" At Transportation



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