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Hey NCSD families…want the scoop on all our 30+ schools?  How about stories about sensational students…or terrific tales about teachers…anecdotes about admirable assistants…or positive pictures of principals?  You’re not going to want to miss a week of NCSD NEWS, our fast-paced social media news show bringing you the latest and greatest stories from all around the district! 

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🙌🏾 5 On Friday With Dr. Shay James: Episode 3 - "Turn Back The Clock" At Transportation

In a special "Turn Back The Clock" edition, Dr. James visits with NCSD's Director of Transportation Kathy Calkins, and learns why our district's Transportation facility is the cat's meow when it comes to the latest technology. Plus, meet bus driver Mr. Matt, who proved he's the bees knees when he challenged his middle school bus riders to a footrace on the track!

Episode 3 - "Turn Back The Clock" At Transportation



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🙌🏾 5 On Friday With Dr. Shay James: Episode 2 - "Nacho" Typical Lunch Period!

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes to make sure enough food is prepared for every NCSD student who chooses to enjoy a nutritious breakfast or lunch? Well, lettuce show this week, Dr. James serves lunch at Clackamas High School, learns what makes NCSD's Nutrition Services Department such a big dill, and why students would never dessert such a perfect time to ketchup with friends.

Episode 2 - "Nacho" Typical Lunch Period!


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🙌🏾 5 On Friday With Dr. Shay James: Episode 1 - These Guys Are Always Venting!

Each of these weekly videos is a 5-minute "High 5" introducing you to amazing NCSD people you've likely never met, places you've never been, or programs you never knew existed! This week, Dr. James climbs to the roof of Milwaukie High School to introduce us to two valuable NCSD employees who always have something to "vent" about!

Episode 1 - These Guys Are Always Venting!

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NCSD News Volume 11

With each NCSD school serving hundreds of hot lunches every day, sometimes an entrée can make a student’s mouth water before the first bite, while the same featured food can make another student’s nose crinkle. But as some Scouters Mountain third graders recently found out, our kindhearted Nutrition Department staff members will do anything to make sure students love their lunch choices…especially when their office receives fan mail!

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Student in TV control room.

Lights, Camera, Action! Students in the Broadcasting and Journalism program recently hosted the National Teach Ag Day webcast from their studio at the Sabin-Schellenberg Technical Center. Hear from the student Executive Producer about her experience putting on a live show, and the importance of this event for both the Broadcast/Journalism program and the Agriculture program.

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HVE Principal Duct Taped To Wall

Sometimes, elementary students can drive a principal up a wall—literally.  That was the case earlier this week when Happy Valley Elementary students arrived at school to find their principal Heather Hull duct taped to a wall just outside the office.  Hull found herself in this sticky situation after HVE students met their October Jog-A-Thon fundraising goal, which also resulted in her taking a pie to the face at the last schoolwide assembly.

Would the good-sport principal recommend similar consequences for her colleagues?  “Of course!” she exclaimed.  “There’s nothing better than getting taped to a wall at 6:45 in the morning!”

Happy Valley students wholeheartedly agree.  “I thought it was pretty funny,” said third grader Tyson Mitchell.  “I think she should do it again!”

See more of Principal Hull “caught on tape”.

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Alder Creek Student Receives Heroism Award

Why were students cheering when a Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputy suddenly interrupted their classroom to issue one of their classmates a citation?  That’s because the “citation” was actually a Kindness 911 Award, presented to a surprised Nefi DeMoura in the middle of his Alder Creek Middle School class.  The 11-year-old was honored for heroically pulling his younger brother away from an oncoming car during a hit-and-run incident near their bus stop earlier this month. 

“His ability to think ahead and see what was coming literally saved his brother’s life and the people around him,” said Deputy David McCarthy.

“It was really great,” DeMoura said of the surprise visit.  “My friends were already very happy that I saved my brother and they were just excited when they saw the news and they said, ‘Nefi you were on the news!’”

See the full video of the surprise presentation.

All of us in NCSD are so proud of Nefi and his heroic quick thinking! 

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