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Five photos of students holding their atta baby awards.

Nothing says "Atta Baby" at MHS like a Giant Pink Stuffed Unicorn

If you ask members of Milwaukie High School's busy student government which amazing activities they're most proud of accomplishing so far this year, you might not hear about the exciting Welcome Back and Homecoming assemblies they've organized…or how they painted the senior parking lot before school even started.  Instead, you'll likely hear the story of a giant pink stuffed unicorn that each member proudly takes turns dressing up and carrying around the MHS hallways in front of all their peers.

The new fuzzy friend is named "Atta Baby," and you can see a different member of Milwaukie's student government carting around the unique unicorn between classes each week.  "Atta Baby" is awarded to a student recognized for going above-and-beyond to do amazing things for Milwaukie High.  The honoree then gets to add a little personal style to Atta-Baby's wardrobe.

ASB President Sadie Bernard became Atta-Baby's first proud owner earlier this year, and added some stylish silver hoops to the puffy pink prize.  Since then, Atta-Baby has been passed along to several other deserving students, who have garnished the stuffed animal with a baseball hat, a sleep mask, and even a Garfield tattoo.

Student Government Advisor Kelsey Balint brought the spirited stuffed animal tradition to Milwaukie this year from her previous school in Arizona, and was a little nervous about how it would be received.

“They totally bought into it,” Balint said. “If I accidentally forget to announce [the week’s winner]  they'll let me know!”

Balint says the goal is for everyone in student government to inherit “Atta Baby” for at least one week throughout the school year, which is posted weekly on MHS social media.

At press time, Atta-Baby was too busy being proudly displayed down Milwaukie High's hallways, so was unavailable for comment.