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NCSD Stories

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NCSD Stories- February 2024

Stories is a monthly digital publication for all North Clackamas School District families, staff, and community members. Sharing our own stories and listening to the stories of others are simple yet powerful acts that can help bridge distance and difference, and unite people around a common purpose. By focusing on our classrooms, colleagues, and community, our goal is to showcase the outstanding students, staff, and community members that make North Clackamas such an amazing place to live, work, and learn. 
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Linwood Volunteer Bobbi Reed.

It was near the start of the school year in 2007, and as school buses filled with eager kids criss-crossed the neighborhood streets around her home, Milwaukie resident Bobbie Reed said she was “in a funk.”  The Chicago native and former Portland Public Schools librarian was mourning the recent loss of her mother and says she spent six months without any feeling of purpose or accomplishment. 

A persistent neighbor finally convinced Reed to visit a nearby elementary school.  “And so it was like, OK, time to get out of my own way,” remembers Reed, who entered the school doors hoping she could maybe volunteer a few hours on a couple days each week.

Luckily for Linwood Elementary staff members, students, and families, those few hours quickly turned into eight hours every day, and Reed’s outgoing personality has been a daily fixture at Linwood for the past 17 straight years…and counting!

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Student interviewing another.

NCSD middle school students are using their creativity and journalistic skills to put together a weekly broadcast to share with their peers what's happening around campus.

Tuesdays are production days in Lucas Dix’s class at Rowe Middle School. Students work together filming, editing and recording their segments for the Shamrock News

When you walk around the Rowe hallways, you’ll see these student journalists with a microphone in hand asking students questions, or recording an announcement about the next school event coming up. In the small studio next to the classroom, three student anchors are filming their contribution to the newscast, making sure the show flows smoothly.

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Teacher helping students at Cannady Elementary.

Now in her 5th year teaching at Beatrice Morrow Cannady Elementary, Barb Stephens knows that teaching her group of fourth graders about tricky math concepts like area and perimeter can be a challenge. It was even more challenging when she couldn't stray far from the stationary whiteboard in front of the classroom.

Luckily for Stephens and several other teachers across the district, it's Chromecasting to the rescue! Using a Google Chromebook, similar to a laptop computer or tablet, teachers can wirelessly cast what’s on the laptop screen to a larger monitor at the front of the classroom.

A small group of NCSD teachers piloted the program during the 2022-23 school year. After receiving a lot of positive feedback from various grade levels, the program has continued to expand during this school year.

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Creative Coyote Puts Brakes On Bullying
It’s no surprise that lots of “firsts” take place when kids enter elementary school.  Students may find their first best friend, or become attached to their first favorite teacher.  But for one Scouters Mountain Elementary student, fifth grade started with a surprising, not-so-pleasant first experience for him.  Makiah Butler had always been fast to make friends in school since starting his kindergarten year at Scouters Mountain, but during an afternoon recess this past fall, he felt the emptiness of being teased by classmates he thought were friends.
“People started calling me Ken because I was wearing a pink cowboy hat,” explained the 10-year-old Makiah.  “Ken in the Barbie movie wore pink, so they started calling me Ken, and it made me feel sad, mad, and angry.”
Made fun of for wearing a new hat he proudly brought home from summer camp, Makiah initially felt like he never wanted to set foot on the playground again.  “Not really,” he said, “but I had to go back out to recess the next day.  I just felt like a lot of eyes were on me and I didn’t like the way it made me feel.”
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Black History Month header

February is Black History Month and there are many ways that you can explore the rich story of the black experience in America. These stories of struggle and triumph make up the detailed fabric of our nation's history and the world. This month take a moment to learn more about historic American figures who achieved greatness in education, science, medicine, the arts, and government, and who helped achieve civil rights and freedoms, despite the difficulties and hardships they faced. As we stand here today, knowing there is plenty of work that still needs to be done, it's important that we recognize the achievements of these legends who came before us, giving us the courage to continue forward.

Throughout the month of February, we will be sharing resources about important, historic black figures on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 


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