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NCSD Stories

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May 2024

Stories is a monthly digital publication for all North Clackamas School District families, staff, and community members. Sharing our own stories and listening to the stories of others are simple yet powerful acts that can help bridge distance and difference, and unite people around a common purpose. By focusing on our classrooms, colleagues, and community, our goal is to showcase the outstanding students, staff, and community members that make North Clackamas such an amazing place to live, work, and learn. 
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NCSD Teachers Train For FIN-tastic Science Lessons

Although it's nearly mid-May, a team of Happy Valley Elementary fifth grade teachers are already creating science lessons for the upcoming fall…and there's something fishy about their lesson plans!

Heather Harris, Madelyn McQuilliam, and Rachel Peteri are one of several grade-level teams from NCSD elementary schools participating in the National Wildlife Federation Salmon Stewards Program, a project that trains local teachers how to raise salmon eggs starting in a small classroom aquarium until they're ready to be released into a local river or stream. The training has already started and continues throughout the summer and fall.

“It's just great. It's hands-on, really fun activities that we're practicing and then we'll have for the kids next year,” said an excited Harris.

Thanks to a grant from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), these teachers will be able to get all of the equipment needed to house salmon eggs starting this fall. The eggs are expected to hatch, and will eventually be raised in a tank in the classroom until they’re ready to be released, which will be in mid-December.

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Ardenwald Paraeducator with craft.
It doesn't take more than a few steps through the doors of Ardenwald Elementary's library to notice something is eye-catchingly different. Sure, you'll see wall-to-wall shelves of neatly sorted books ranging from picture books for young readers to sections of chapter books for older kids…but it's what's decorating the tops and sides of those shelves that often has students staring in amazement. 

What started as an idea from Media Technician Dinette Wright is now the talk of the school, as staff-generated arts and crafts including watercolor paintings, cross stitch, and even crochet are on display for library visitors each day.

The display came to life after Wright emailed staff members asking if any would like to show off their artistic talents. Wright planned to put staff contributions on display as part of March's National Craft Month. Wright said the next thing she knew, the artwork and crafts came piling in. 

Wright says the creative display sends the message to all students that anyone can be a crafter. “I told the kids ‘If you’re making something from another thing, you’re making a craft!’”

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Two health services students speaking with their instructor.

It's just moments into their third-period advanced Health Sciences Internship class at NCSD's Sabin-Schellenberg Career Professional Technical Center, and seniors can't wait to hear teacher Lyn Gray read down the list of possible internships assigned for the remainder of the school year.

“Pediatrics…labor and delivery…physical therapy…”

Throughout this spring semester, students in this career-focused elective rotate among hands-on "clinical assignments," which allow them to experience real-world professional responsibilities in multiple health care fields.  On this day, before learning the details of their next rotations, the close-knit group of seniors share highlights of their recent learnings with each other, including one student who shared her experience working at Providence Milwaukie’s Diagnostic Imaging Center, adding that she was excited to see a nerve block for the first time.

Opportunities like this wouldn’t be possible without the many partnerships between SSC's Health Services Program and various local medical providers. Having this real-world experience at the high school level is unique, and sets NCSD students up for future success.

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Group of students at Verne Duncan Elementary.

Why do fourth graders Ireland Treacy and Edno Ordoñez look forward to arriving through the front doors of Verne Duncan Elementary every Tuesday morning, nearly an hour before the first bell of the day?  They're proud members of the school's Student Union, a unique program that provides fourth and fifth grade students an opportunity to share about their native cultures with peers.

“What made me interested in the Student Union was that a lot of people don't know that I'm Chinese or Vietnamese, and I wanted people to know and [learn] what it's about,” said Treacy.

“What made me interested in this group is that I could express my feelings about my culture,” added Ordoñez.

During their weekly meetings, the group of dynamic Dragonflies is encouraged to share about their cultural heritage with each other. The group typically also works on a fun activity together, participates in discussions, and shares snacks from different cultures represented.

Group members agreed that some of the most memorable activities this year included making flags that represented their culture, and playing fun bingo games together.

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May is Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Throughout the month, we will be highlighting prominent figures in the AAPI community on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 


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