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Proud to Be NCSD- Podcast

many and woman discussing topics into microphones around desk
Proud to Be NCSD Podcast
many and woman discussing topics into microphones around desk

Looking for informative and entertaining interviews with students, teachers, administrators, and NCSD community members who make our school district special?  Well HEARS the place to go!  Longtime NCSD principal and current Community Relations Director Curtis Long handles hot topics and hears heartwarming tales from staff and students down the district directory from Ardenwald to View Acres…and all the schools and departments in between!  Available wherever you hear your podcasts…subscribe today! 

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CHS Girls Basketball State Champions

Just days before Spring Break tips off across the school district, we jump back less than two weeks ago to the OSAA State Girls Basketball Championship, where the Clackamas Cavaliers capped off an incredible season by winning the school’s first ever girls basketball state title.  In this pre-Spring Break preview Episode #22 of the Proud To Be NCSD Podcast, we sit down for Part 1 of our conversation with CHS coach Korey Landolt, along with the team’s two seniors, Rhyan Mogel and Eliza Buerk.

Episode 22 - State Champs!  A Pre-Spring Break Preview

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Second Grade Boy Reading

Aside from creating engaging lesson plans for every subject, our elementary school teachers—particularly those in kindergarten, first, and second grade—take on perhaps the most challenging task a teacher can face…teaching kids to read.  That’s where this week’s guests on the “Proud To Be NCSD” podcast come in!  This week, we get down and wordy with NCSD’s Emergent Literacy Specialists Nadia BoriaJaime Clarke, and Kari Tunstill, who constantly research, model, and support successful reading strategies and work side by side with NCSD’s kindergarten, first, and second grade teachers.

NW Youth Career Expo

As we’ve learned throughout these past winter months and even in March, extreme weather incidents can quickly escalate into NCSD calling for two-hour delays or cancellation of school days.  Whether the announcement comes before sunrise or late in the afternoon, each decision impacts every NCSD family’s daily routine and is never taken lightly.  In this episode, we turn to NCSD Transportation Director Kathy CalkinsAssociate Directors James Prichard and Cheryl Crosgrove, along with Assistant Superintendent Cindy Detchon to answer all the community questions that seem to heat up whenever the weather outside turns freezing cold. 

NW Youth Career Expo

Just before a record-breaking snowfall hit our area last week, a record- breaking field trip took place in our school district!  More than 1,400 NCSD high school juniors hopped on buses for downtown Portland’s Convention Center to participate in the Northwest Youth Careers Expo, and this episode follows them from start to finish!  As you’ll hear, this was certainly not “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!”  Students from MilwaukieRex PutnamClackamasAdrienne C. NelsonClackamas Web AcademyClackamas Middle College, and the Virtual Online Program spent hours learning about potential careers, building their resumes, and participating in mock job interviews. 

Milwaukie High Mentors

This week marks the middle of February, which means we’re also right in the middle of celebrating Black History Month in our school district.  And while a 34-minute podcast doesn’t allow us to recognize all of the amazing Black educators making a difference in the lives of kids in NCSD, this week’s episode takes us to Milwaukie High School, where we meet three inspirational Mustang mentors.  Hear the uplifting ways Craig SneedTim Price, and Terrell “Kiki” Ayo dedicate each day to advocating for students of color in the hallways, in the classroom, and even on the basketball court, tennis court, and football field! 

School Based Health Center Workers

Did you know that NCSD has a professionally staffed medical center inside Milwaukie, Rex Putnam, Clackamas, and Adrienne C. Nelson High Schools?  They’re called School Based Health Centers, and did you know that they’re not just for high school students and families…and they can be accessed regardless of insurance coverage?  In this eye-opening episode, we learn from a combined nine North Clackamas employees and district partners about these remarkable resources located right down the hallway: Lilly Hankins (ANHS), Jenn Lucas (RPHS & CHS), Sienna Day (MHS), Max Penneck (MHS), Natalie Portis (RPHS), Claire Davis-Thran (NCSD Nurse), Barnaby Gloger (NCSD Student & Family Services), Tami Gilbertson (Clackamas County), and Ben DeGiulio (Clackamas County).

Recruiters In Studio

Looking for a job that’s near?  Can you bring kids cheer?  Or maybe even check a rearview mirror?  We just might have your next career!  In this informative episode, we make it our job to help you learn about all the employment opportunities available right now in North Clackamas…and who better to answer our interview questions than NCSD’s Associate Human Resources Director Dr. Keylah Boyer, Transportation Director Kathy Calkins, Human Resources Recruiter Mia Tran, and Transportation Recruiter Shannon McGinness

Mothers & Sons In Studio

During a typical school week, you’ll find many NCSD teachers meeting together in a colleague’s classroom long before the first bell assessing student work or collaborating on lesson plans…but what if staff members met before 6:00 a.m. three times a week not in a classroom, but on a district soccer field or basketball court?  And they’ve been having a ball for the past 20+ years!  In this week’s fast breaking episode, we catch up with Brian Sien (Clackamas Middle College), Brad Linn (Clackamas Web Academy), Matt Prenger (Milwaukie High School), and John Telesmanich (Putnam High School).  These fouling friends first met each other as colleagues more than two decades ago…and the games still continue with more NCSD employees before the crack of dawn on the court or the field to talk teaching…and a little trash!

Mothers & Sons In Studio

Some teachers started their careers in NCSD because they were attracted to our well-known reputation of providing a family atmosphere among all staff.  Then there are those who’ve taken “family atmosphere” to a whole new level!  In this “All In The Family” edition of the “Proud To Be NCSD” podcast, we meet two mother-son dynamic duos, with Lot Whitcomb’s Shaun Martinez and Bilquist’s Jennifer Oleson, who both started teaching in NCSD 20+ years ago…and now their sons Alec Martinez (Cannady) and Nickoli Oleson (Bilquist) are following in mom’s footsteps…maybe even across the hall!

Photo of NCSD School Board

January is Oregon School Board Recognition Month, and in this episode, we make a motion to honor the seven superheroes who tirelessly volunteer on our NCSD Board.  In candid conversations with Directors Mitzi Bauer and Jena Benologa, we call to order topics ranging from why they voted to run for such a vital district role…to the unfinished business they continually advocate for on behalf of all North Clackamas students and families