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Facility Operations

Facility Operations Team

Facility Operations Crew.

Facility Operations Who We Are

Our Mission

Provide unilateral support to our customers by overcoming adversity through creative thinking and empowered decision-making to get to the destination while enjoying the journey.

Our Vision

Working collaboratively to deliver exceptional service with courage and integrity in a safe environment.

Facility Operations

We work hard to support the district and are happy to help as best we can. Our responsibilities consist of the following items:

  • Maintaining the buildings inside and out, we are responsible for the physical building and many of its components including the grounds. If something pre-existing breaks a work order will need to be submitted and we will repair or replace the item in question. If a new item is desired it will require a CIP and administrative approval. (Head Custodians and Head Secretaries have the ability to submit work orders.)
  • We manage the following trades: Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, HVAC, Fire, Security, Locks
  • Grounds – Sports Fields, Tennis Courts, Middle and Elementary school fields, flower beds, parking lots, etc.
  • Mowing, weeding, fence lines, irrigation
  • Gmax Testing, striping, assist with setting up sports events

Custodial Program

  • Provide custodial support to all buildings.
  • Supervise the custodians at the elementary and middle schools
  • Coordinate Annual Trainings
  • Coordinate Summer cleaning projects, example:  Window Cleaning
  • Provide Custodial substitute coverage
  • Manage Custodial Vendors for supplies and equipment
  • Assist with Custodial hiring and disciplinary actions- when requested at HS


  • Integrated Pest Management – weeds, insects, mice, rats, wasp, etc.

Manage all Facility Operations Related Contracted Work

  • Capital Improvement Project (CIP) – anything new.
  • If the school, PTA, Eagle Scouts, etc, wants to perform a project or install something new, the school is required to submit a CIP form for approval.  We will coordinate with Risk and Technology if need be.

Our Goal

Our goal is to maintain facilities and grounds in a way to ensure a quality learning environment for all students. A key factor in meeting these goals is to provide a high level of customer service. 


Facility Operations provides the following services

  • Building & Carpentry Maintenance
  • Locks & Keys
  • HVAC Maintenance
  • Plumbing Maintenance
  • Electrical
  • Fire & Security Maintenance
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Custodial Support
  • Capital Improvements

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