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Capital Improvement Project

CIP Forms (Upgrades/New Additions):

Capital Improvements:

Refers to new or upgraded items a building wants to add to the site. 

This does not mean fixing pre-existing items or replacing anything broken with the same type of item. 

If your site wants something new installed or something upgraded, it requires a CIP form and a work order. 

A CIP indicates that the school, a grant, a program, etc. will be paying for the item/upgrade/work and the building Administrator MUST sign for it to be valid.

You are also welcome to ask for a quote and we will provide one before any work actually begins. (Please make sure to state this when you submit the request).

CIP Application (Fillable)

(If you have trouble with the file please make sure to download it to your computer before filling it out. Also, if Adobe isn't installed on your computer you may have additional issues filling out the form.)

Email or Scan them to once completed.