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ID Badge

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ID Badge Information

Badges issued by Human Resources are based on district policy.


  • Permanent employees AND temporary employees who work a full calendar year will  receive ID badges through Human Resources. This means the employee’s start date must be the first day of the licensed contract.

  • If a licensed employee starts after the first day of the contract, the badge will need to be issued by the school, not HR.  


  • Only permanent employees receive badges  AND

  • Temporary employees working their full work calendar

Example: Temp Elementary IA (168 calendar) - beginning of assignment is September 4, 2018… but if they were to start on September 5 = NO BADGE FROM HR

Check Out Cards:

Check out cards are cards without photo's that are checked out by the front office (Head Secretary) to individuals or groups for access to the school. When a site requests check out cards they need to be initially assigned to the person responsible for checking them out. The site will be responsible for creating a system to check them in and out to individuals/groups in order to keep track of them.


Badges are cards with photo's of employees on the front. We will need to know if the employee is getting arm/disarm and door access or door access only. Arm/Disarm will require a Pin Number which is the last four of the employees SSN. (We do not keep this information on file)


To request a badge be programed, change the type from ‘General’ to 'Badging and Access', which requires the following employee information:

  • Employee Number - - If you don’t know their employee number, please contact the employee or Gidget Baltazar-Rivas in Human Resources (x36029). Do not enter your own employee number, for someone else’s badge request.

  • PIN Number (4-Digits)

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Access Level - - for elevator access, please add that information in the Work Description

  • District Status

  • Current Badge Number if possible