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Human Resources

Discover North Clackamas Schools

Discover North Clackamas!

The North Clackamas School District strives to create an inclusive environment that welcomes and values the diversity of our staff and students. We foster equity, and inclusion to create a workplace environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. 

With approximately 2,000 employees, North Clackamas is nationally recognized for outstanding programs supported by the efficient utilization of resources. The North Clackamas community expects, and school leaders ensure, accountable and transparent investments that place funding as close to the student as possible. 

We are most interested in finding the best candidate for the job, and that candidate may come from a less traditional background. We would encourage you to apply, even if you don't believe you meet every one of our qualifications described. 

Thank you for considering North Clackamas School District!


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Staff Only information

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Strategic Point - People & Culture

Recruit, hire, and retain exceptional employees with a  strong sense of commitment to the school district’s mission, vision, and core values. Strengthen practices that lead to a workforce that reflects the  diversity of the North Clackamas  community. Foster professional growth and  leadership across all levels of the  organization. Cultivate a collaborative environment that empowers  employees and provides job  satisfaction. Embrace technology and effectively use emerging tools in  curriculum, programs, and  department functions. Strengthen relationships and  interdependence among schools  and departments.