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Licensed Substitute Information

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Licensed Substitute Teacher Rates (2022-2023) :

Rate: $228.00 per day

Extended Substitute Rate (more than 10 days in the same position): $267.28 per day

*TLC & SLC Classroom Substitute Teacher Rate: $300.00 per day

*Extended TLC/SLC Substitute Teacher Rate: $339.00 per day

A licensed substitute is someone who is licensed to substitute teach in a classroom. They will fill in for teachers when they are out of the building. There are short-term substitute opportunities for 1- 10 days and also long-term substitute opportunities for those who may cover sick leaves, maternity leaves, etc. 

Please know, at this time, we are only accepting applications for people who currently hold a TSPC teaching license or substitute license. We are NOT accepting applications from those interested in applying for the Emergency Substitute License through TSPC. To find out if you qualify for the type of TSPC license we are accepting, please click here: Oregon Teaching Licenses - Application Submission Guidance.

To review the job descriptions and apply for our license substitute role, simply click the following link: Licensed Substitute Teachers, 2022-2023 School Year