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Staff Calendars

LICENSED STAFF - CALENDARS FOR 23-24 (adopted 3/9/2023)

Staff Calendars: 2022-2023
(click on calendar name to open or download)
LICENSED STAFF - CALENDARS FOR 22-23 (adopted 3/10/2022)


High School & Middle School Classified 185 Days Calendar (CLASS 185 Sept HS, MS or CLASS 185 HS July for YTP)
Middle & High School Paraeducator I (Gen Ed, Title 1 Addendum, PACE); Middle & High School Paraeducator II ( SPED, Transitional, Bilingual Addendum, Middle & High School Behavior Specialist, Study Hall, CTE); Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant; Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant; Nursing Assistant; Middle & High School Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPAs); Youth Transition Program Specialist; College and Career Technical Education; NUHS & Middle School Campus Security Specialist; CARE Program Coordinator; Middle School Speech Language Pathologist Assistant; Student Engagement Specialist

High School Classified Campus Security Specialist 185 Days Calendar (CLASS 185 Sept HS CSS)

High School & Middle School Classified ELD Bilingual Para 187 Days Calendar (CLASS 187 Sept HS, MS BPARA)

Elementary Classified 180 Days Calendar (CLASS 180 Sept Elem)
Paraeducator I (Gen Ed & Title 1 Addendum); Paraeducator II (SPED, Transitional, Bilingual Addendum, Elementary Behavior Specialist); Elementary Speech Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA)

Elementary Classified ELD Bilingual Para 182 Days Calendar  (CLASS 182 Sept Elem BPARA)


Classified 260 Days Calendar (CLASS 260)

Classified 240 Days Calendar (CLASS 240 Athletic Trainer)

Classified 231 Days Calendar HS Registrar (CLASS 231 Registrar)
Administrative Assistant I - High School

Classified 224 Days Calendar HS Bookkeeper (CLASS 224 Bookkeeper)
Administrative Assistant II - High School
Classified 221 Days Calendar (CLASS 221)
Administrative Assistant III - Middle School, Sabin Schellenberg Bookkeeper
Classified 212-B Days Calendar (CLASS 212B)
Administrative Assistant I - High School

Classified 212-A Days Calendar (CLASS 212A)
Administrative Assistant I - Middle School & High School; Administrative Assistant III - Elementary School; System Analyst CWA
Classified 197 Days Calendar (CLASS 197)
Administrative Assistant I - Elementary
Classified 193 Days Calendar (CLASS 193)
Community Outreach Specialist (Bilingual & SPED); Community Outreach Facilitator; Interpreter/Translator; Media Assistant - High School; Media Technician; Student Family Advocate; Paraeducator II (CTE & Bilingual)


Classified High School & Middle School Nutrition Services/Extended Day Care 180 Days Calendar (CLASS 180 Sept N-D HS, MS)

Classified Elementary School Nutrition Services/Extended Day Care 175 Days Calendar (CLASS 175 Sept N-D Elem)


Classified Noncontract 174 Days Calendar - high school & middle school contact hours only

Classified Noncontract 169 Days Calendar - elementary contact hours only

Classified Transportation 183 Days Calendar (CLASS 183 Sept TRANS)



260 Administrator Calendar

230, 235, 240 Administrator Calendar